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2007-06-29 14:02

It took a few days of waiting before the record company could track Jo Goddard down, but once they did he was a pleasure to interview - thoughtful, humorous and kind enough to spend 20 minutes of one of London's few sunny days on the phone answering our questions. Here's the podcast, plus the gist of what he said in text too

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You'll get a chance to sample a few of the tracks on the album in between sections of the edited interview audio. Please note that for sound quality reasons, the audio and this text interview are not identical.
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On other discs in the DJ Kicks series...
"I really like the Fourtet DJ Kicks from last year, actually. He's a friend of ours, so I'm kind of biased, but I really like the way he DJs, and the way he puts different kinds of music together."

On Matthew Herbert...
He had this show where he was like making music from the sounds of cooking, and food. During the live show [at Sonar Music Festival, Barcelona] he had real chefs making, like, toffee apples and things that like smell really delicious, so that as the crowd was listening they could also smell different kinds of food being like prepared... he's very inventive, an interesting guy.

On being a DJ vs being a rock star...
We get recognised occasionally in London ... in general day to day life I can walk about kinda unmolested by people. On DJs who trash hotel rooms
I would feel too bad for the maid in the morning having to start to tidy up the whole place.

On escaping the Mercury Prize-winner curse
Naaah... it would have been good to win. Generally if a band wins that prize they sell an extra like hundred thousand records so...

What Hot Chip looked for in the diverse tracks they chose for DJ Kicks
We also tried to choose songs that were kindof favourites, of the whole bands, rather than just being one person's favourite song. (Other choices include undiscover work by friends, and songs that'd worked well as part of live sets for them.)

On bringing New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" and Young Leek's "Jiggle It" together
They come from such different worlds... if you go and see a good DJ, they can put different musical worlds together in a way that you wouldn't have expected but that works very well.

On handling disagreements within the band
Probably the way that most bands do. We try to like, discuss these things amongst each other. In the end, like, uh, often, someone will kinda get their own way and then everyone else will kinda complain about it, quietly.

Big gig disasters
[At the Miami Winter Music Conference] ... we forgot half of our gear when we tried to like, go back to the first venue to play the show. We had to ask the band to carry on playing for an extra 45 minutes while someone like drove across the whole town to pick up our like drum machines we'd forgotten. And when we did finally get them back we were so flustered that the show went really terribly... but then the second show that happened later in the night was pretty fun, and we ended up swimming in the sea at seven in the morning..."

On the music that inspires him now
German techno from certain German lables, like Compact... it follows a very repetitive pattern, like a four-four base drum and a high hat on the offbeat... but within that people very interesting textures and kinda synthesiser sounds. And still, some kinds of hip hop... like Timbaland... tracks he made with Nelly Furtado or Justin Timberlake last year, I still think are kinda excellent music even though they're like this massive pop music. What else? There's this thing, Dubh Step, in the UK. It's a kind of update of Jamacan dubh with kind of influences from jungle, and garage music.

On what he'd like to achive in his career
Have a string of albums that I'm happy with, and that are percieved to be "good records".

What he would do if he wasn't answering interview questions
Well it's actually like, a really beautiful day here, so I would... there's like a "city farm" around the corner from me where I live in London, and it's a very kind of industrial area generally, there isn't any green space, but then you go into this small farm, and there are pigs, and cows, and baby goats, and a pond and sheep and ducks. And my girlfriend and I quite like to just visit there, and see how the baby animals are doing in the spring. [Laughs shyly]

- Interview by Jean Barker

Hot Chip basics:
There's plenty of crossover between the different members roles, with Jo Goddard doing most of the synthesising on his computer, some singing, and writing songs together with Alexis Taylor, whom he's known since they were kids. Owen Clark plays guitar and does their design and illustration work, Al Doyle is the best soloist and the king of remixes, while drummer Felix is the hot producer that draws it all together. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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