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Meet the Roswell Kings - The Roswell Kings

2008-11-29 14:38

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Review: No Cure for Trying, their new album

Jean Barker, MWEB: So is this a full time job for you?
(ALL, including Nick their manager laugh for a minute or so.)
Dylan: "That's next to an impossibility at the moment. We all have our day jobs." Dylan works for a pool bar chain, Jason is a chef, nicknamed "Sleepy" by his co-workers, and Andy, the lead singer, who is late on his way back from gym, is a photographer.

MWEB: So the Sea Breeze Drive in Song. What's it about?
Andy: Uuuummm....
Dylan: We told her it was about sex in the back seat.
MWEB: And I was saying it's been closed for 15 years at least so you must have started young...
Andy: Actually the song is about addiction. That feeling of addiction but not necessarily to a drug. To a person. The chorus "I was always yours" is that idea that it wasn't really your decision in the first place, it was something that transcended that. It was there, all the empathy, before you even met the person. I thought it was quite a romantic idea. And "Sea Breeze Drive In (love song no. 4) because I have such romantic memories of that place. You were way off!

MWEB: So how long are you guys giving yourselves. Is there a time limit, like "Three years and if we haven't made it..."
Andy: No, you can't put time frames on that kind of thing. It grows until everyone feels, no it's done.
Dylan: Everything's going according to plan.

MWEB: So do you guys fight?
Dylan: Na, not really hey. (Laughs)
Andy: Ai! It's like being in a relationship with like... four people. It's inevitable you're going to have hiccups. It's four creative people giving their input so you're gonna clash. Rub each other the wrong way. But it all adds to the passion of the band and the music. If you don't have that passion and that fieriness it loses that edge and that excitement.

MWEB: Are you looking for an overseas market?
Andy: I think at this stage it would be narrow minded. We just want to conquer South Africa. But of course, you always look for bigger and better things.
Dylan: But it's not always in the band's hands. It's what breaks you get, and who's listening. Obviously we aim beyond South Africa but sometimes just the way things go...
Together, laughing: We aim for world domination
Andy: But we'll settle for domination in Kenilworth.

MWEB: And if you wanted to go. Is there a circuit open to SA bands?
Well not really. A lot of bands say "we're going to London" "We're going to make it, we've got contacts" but that's not really what we like to do. Until we've got a ten million Dollar deal.
Dylan: A lot of people go over there on their own steam, and bear the costs and in the end, find that they haven't really made anything of it. So it's better to get hooked up here.

MWEB: And are the gigs picking up?
Well a bit. We're trying to organise a tour, which is kind of difficult when four people have got day jobs.

MWEB: Why "Roswell Kings"?
Well because of that Swedish band. We're ACTUALLY the same band... no actually, we're fascinated by the 50s idea aliens, and of the huge space ship. The iron giant. The idea that the future was going to be robots. And aliens were big iron giants...

MWEB: How likely do you think that is?
Andy: I think they'll be more like Jason actually. Ling ling!
(Jason, who's been very quiet all along, laughs quietly.)

On the South African music scene, The Roswell Kings recommend Native, the Narrow, and Velve. Note: for those who don't know, Kenilworth is a small suburb in South Cape Town.

- Jean Barker

Andy Lund (vocals, chief songwriter) Dylan Dalton (Guitar, songwriting) and Jason Ling (Bass) have been on the SA indie-rock scene for years. They have no connection to Swedish Metal Band "The Roswells". They aren't in it for the love and the tattoos, though a money and girls probably wouldn't get the cold shoulder if they showed up for the party. Their new album, No Cure For Trying blends hard- edged rock, and searching 'n sensitive ballads. We caught up with them in the South Easter win publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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