Mel C: Life After Sport?
- Sport, Spice, or Womanhood? Mel C talks.

2006-03-29 10:55

M-WEB: What inspired the title?
At one point I though about "Here it Comes Again", it was the first single and it was true, here it comes again, you know "the new album". But "Reason" was quite an obvious title really, it's one of my favourite tracks on the album and it's a very personal song. And "reason" is such a great word and I looked it up in the dictionary. And it has quite a nice explanation to it. You know there's a few different ways of using the word "reason" and none of it's negative. And it was very fitting for me this is my reason I love to create and perform music that's all I want to do. So, it's kind of my reason.

M-WEB: It's definitely a mature album?
MEL: I think it was time to grow up really. Everything I've done as a solo artist is been things that are very comfortable for me at that time. And it's a few years on from Northern Star. I'm growing up now I'm 29 and I do definitely feel more feminine than I ever did. I think I definitely feel like I might be a woman these days, you know not so much of a girl...

M-WEB: On "Let's Love" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" you sound like a rock chick?
MEL: My lifestyle isn't very rock 'n roll at all (laughs), but whose - I don't think any rockers are these days, are they? It's all changed - it's all a bit herbal and spiritual now isn't it?

M-WEB: Do you still feel Sporty?
MEL: I think the Sporty Spice in me is very much of my youth and it's the part of me that likes to jump around and get noticed, you know I still love having fun. But now I think as I get older, it is fading. But there'll always be a little sporty in me. Hah! Hah! That sounds funny! It is Sporty Spice that is in the Spice Girls and it is very much Melanie C is a solo artist, I'm two very different people. We have these kind of different sides to our personality. Being in a band is so different to being a solo artist. In fact, you're a different person. And it's quite exciting as well being able to express yourself as an individual after such a long time.

M-WEB: What are you listening to at the moment?
I listen to lots of different genres of music. I think like everybody on the planet I love Coldplay at the moment, you know they're such a great band. I've always been a big fan of Oasis, very excited about Blur's new album. And then on a poppier, more commercial side, I think Christina Aguilera's amazing, I mean what a voice. Justin Timberlake is so talented. Who else? Pink I think is doing great things. I think there's a real wealth of talent out there at the moment.

M-WEB: Will there ever be a Spice Girls reunion?
Ah, the Spice Girls reunion. I don't know, you know I always answer this question, "never say never". But right now I'm sure that all the girls and myself are very happy doing what we're doing.

Just when you thought you could write her off as another past-her-sell-by-date pop flop, Mel C made a comeback, playfully embellishing her rediscovered upbeat diva mood on the simply titled Reason. We asked the erstwhile Sporty Spice about approaching 30 something, becoming a rock chick and whether she still feels there's spice in her life. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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