Nothing But Love

2009-11-12 16:42
Whitney Houston

Tell us more about doing "I Didn’t Know My Own Strength"...
What do I think of a song like I Didn’t Know My Own Strength?...Well, I have done Diane Warren songs before,…great songs. And in that particular moment, working with David Forster was like going back in time because we did The Bodyguard soundtrack together, we did "I Will Always Love You", and "I Have Nothing". His home was in the Malibu fires and he had to rent a studio apartment next to the ocean. So we recorded there, and it was like an office with some sheets and microphones [laughs]. What come out of me – the simplicity of it, the strength of it, made me know of the strength of the album.

Tell us about your album title-track, "I Look To You"…
For me, sometimes when there’s nobody else to turn to, and you feel like there’s no strength,…. There is strength!. And when you think you have no hope,….There is hope!. But you have to look beyond yourself and go into another realm. And I don’t want to get deep about it you know, [laughs] because it can get deep. But it’s quite simple: Look inside yourself and kind of pull out that spirit that only God can give you. That’s as far as I’m concerned.

Who did you work with on "Million Dollar Bill"?
I worked with Alicia Keys on this record. It made me feel good. It was a feel-good song and I figured that if it made me feel good, it would make a whole lot of other folks feel good.

Tell us about "Nothing But Love"….
On "Nothing But Love", the lyric was right. And if there was anything I would’ve said at the time after some of the things I went through, it’s that I really had nothing but love for whatever situation.

What was the process in selecting the songs that finally made it onto your album?
Once I started sitting through songs and started to get the feel for what I do best, and what I would sound best on, it was left between Clive (Davis) and myself and it basically came down to a lot of old-school writers [laughs] and producers that I took to very well. But yes, I felt a little different because the industry was a little different but I wasn’t about to change what people liked about me….which was singing. So at first, I was a little unsure. But it all came together very well.

How was it like working with Akon on "Like I Never Left"?
Most of the people that my daughter hangs out with have Akon as their ringtones, so I was going: "This guy is pretty hot huh?". So I started to get myself into his stuff and found out that he is appealing. His grooves are great. "Like I Never Left" was a song I kind of thought "Yeah that would be a great album title". Singing with Akon was unique in its own way because you would never have thought that I’d be singing with Akon. Claude (Kelly) , who wrote the song, is a well accomplished writer. He’s experienced in producing; he can sing his butt off himself, so there’s a team there. It’s not just Akon, there’s a team and I appreciate the fact that Akon brought his team/partner in and was able to expose that to me and allow me to see what makes Akon work.

What’s your relationship with Clive Davis?
Clive and I are partners and he’s also someone who guides me. He still has that knack for knowing, and for being able to hear with musical ears. He still loves music, he still loves lyric, and he still loves melodies. He’s probably one of the few people in the industry who still have that gift of knowing what song fits with what voice. With me, I think it came easily for him but this time it was a little more difficult. He knows when I’ve had enough [laughs]. After the first four songs started coming and we recorded them, it all just started to roll. The songs started to come in really well. It was the pace of the first four songs I suppose, that kind of brought in the other ones. Because we would meet in certain places, whether it be in Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, or Arizona, where we used to do dinners, he’s been my date for the past year (laughs) and he knows when I say "ok, this is it". I pretty much know when an album has that feeling of completeness, (laughs) and it is complete. (Laughs again)..

Tell us about working with Eric Hudson on "Worth It"…
Eric Hudson, who did "Worth It", grew up in my hometown. I’ve known his mother and father for years!. And I remember this kid as a baby in New Jersey. Now here I’m am working with him!. I looked at him and I was like: "Where do I know you from?". He said, "You know my mother, who wrote "Holiday" for Madonna". And I said, "Oh my God!, you’re that little boy?". He can play like Beethoven, and he is just amazing. He has supported his mother and father. He has done very well and I’m so proud of him. He wrote a great song.

Tell us about you working with R. Kelly…
"I Look To You" came to me through R Kelly, who, with his genius, wrote the song for me many years ago. He wanted me to do it many years ago but it never got to me because Clive held it for a very long time. When I heard the lyric, spiritually I t connected with me very much. I also didn’t know R. Kelly wanted to work with me for a very long time.

Nikki 2009/11/16 9:01 AM
Crack whore!
L Onzo 2009/11/16 10:01 AM
yep u can call her that bcoz u r a narrow minded bigot.whitney has spunk to make a comeback & still show the world she has a VOICE which is her gift & to rise above her personal life demons.everybody has them they just come out differently from person to person.Since u call her a whore was she one of ur clients ha ha...
@ nikki 2009/11/16 10:42 AM
nikki you call her that you forget that it takes one to know one so that means one thing you are a crack whore to.
Tino 2009/11/16 2:38 PM
Everyone deserve a second chance and she certainly handle it well...just to show the world that one can make it even when things seems unrealistic. I think she rocks crack whore of te not because she is still human who are allowed to make mistake just like everyone els.
Tino 2009/11/16 2:38 PM
Everyone deserve a second chance and she certainly handle it well...just to show the world that one can make it even when things seems unrealistic. I think she rocks crack whore of te not because she is still human who are allowed to make mistakes just like everyone els.
Marloma 2009/11/16 3:19 PM
Several years ago a young terminal cancer patient was given a wish through Reach for a Dream to meet her idol, Whitney Housten. Whitney agreed to everything but pulled out at the last minute when she learnt that the girl was white. Amy Kleinhans was this girl's 2nd choice, and true to her nature Amy dropped everything to make this girl's dream come true. Whitney, I think you have reaped what you have sown.
Anne S 2009/11/16 3:41 PM
I CAN'T believe the comments here?? Where do all these NASTY people come from??? Whitney has had personal problems LIKE ALL OF US!!!! She has an AMAZING voice and are busy rectifying her life. Who the hell give these IDIOTS the right to critisize her???? You are just a few moves away from "Crack whore" status Nikki!!!!!!!
Judge Dread 2009/11/16 4:24 PM
HEY nothing wrong with crack or whores :) but Whitney is simply not a nice person. hahah - I have seen enough interviews with her to know that. Comeback or not, she sucks.I have a choice, i wont buy her stuff or listen to it.
PIPIE 2009/11/17 1:22 PM
You go girl, good luck,keep it-up. I love your song, voice .
LLPD 2009/11/18 7:19 AM
Whats wrong with you people, Whitney is no different to us and we all make mistakes and she is even better than most of you bcos she worked very hard to get where she is now and most of yo are still stucked on your past, you Nikki must be one of those people...
brenda 2009/11/18 11:18 AM
tell her nikki...celebrity or not she has to suffer the concequences
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