One on One with Ntando!

2008-11-29 16:10
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Text Only Quickie:

On collaborations
I chose not to feature a whole lot of artists. I just featured one artist, uNkuli. She’s going to be my first female vocal artist to come out of Bonfire (Ntando’s record label). She’s HOTT!!! She is GOOD, she’s just GOOD!!!

On sisters coming on to him after a gig
You have to say no (laughs). Ungaphela mntasekhaya! (I’d get finished my sister!). You just have to say "no"… but you have to find a way to say it because as people we don’t see things the same way. Sometimes someone will come saying “Ooh Ntando” (waves his hands in the air) and then you just go “nah”. And then they’re like “iyho, this one thinks he’s all that”. You know what I’m saying?! And it’s actually not like that; you just need to find a way to handle it. Don’t get me wrong I love the “ooh hoos” (waves his hands in the air like a groupie) and all of that - but you know, to a certain limit. (Smiles)

On rumours that he’s getting married
Girl please!! That rumour has been around for the past four years. Firstly, they said I was getting married to Kethiwe (Winnie Ntshaba from the local soap Generations). That thing was blown out of proportion! Everyone was saying, “Hey I heard you’re getting married to Kethiwe and all of that. When I’ve never even met uKethiwe, not even once. She had never said hi or I never said hi back to her. And then one day in the papers, headlines read "Kethiwe is married". Then I’m like a-ha! (clicks his fingers) there you go, she’s married!! Now nobody comes back and says “eish ja, you know what? we were wrong or whatever”. So even now, it’s all about the song. Most of the songs I sing, involve marriage, (then sings) "we dali wam" (my darling). "ndiza ku tshata namhlanje" (I’m marrying you today) or "haaibo! Ndiyamthanda" (Oh I love her). So people just put one and one and think mm-hmm, he IS getting married!!

On staying grounded
Um! I don’t know how this is going to sound but this whole “oh Ntando Ntando thing”, I don’t really let it get there (points at his head), uyangithola? (understand). When I’m alone I truly truly forget ukuthi (that) it actually exists. When I go back ekhaya (home), my parents place, people there treat me the same way they used to treat me before! So how do I stay grounded? I surround myself with people who I know won’t “blow my head up”, they’re not going to make me feel like “oh I’m Usher now”. No it doesn’t work like that!

-Gugu Mkhabela

With his latest album Uhambo lwam (My Journey), Ntando is kicking some real Afro-pop booty! The down to earth Xhosa crooner graces us with his mighty fine presence to set the record straight on wedding rumours, groupies and more! publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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