Oppikoppi 2008: A Primer Pack

2008-08-04 05:18
Ierie Joburg-based quartet channel Mozambican roots rhythms into a unique musical glow that evokes hazy beach sunsets, languid afternoons and blissed out summer fun. But don’t think that 340ml is only about the slow jam. There's a dangerous dub rock joker lurking in their spliffed out pack.
Listen: Midnight MP3.
Watch: Sorry for the Delay video trailer. Tune into their dub tones with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage on Saturday from 6.30pm.

Bored by bombastic stadium rock clichés? This fab SA foursome of Laudo Liebenberg (vocals/guitar), Hunter Kennedy (guitar/back-up vocals), Hennie van Halen (bass guitar) and Jaco 'Snake' Venter (drums) are making waves in the indie scene with their unapologetically unpretentious pop rock cocktail that’s perfect for braaiers, boozers, and just about anyone wanting to party!
Read: Dutch Courage CD review.
Listen: The Dance MP3. Watch: The Dance music video. Get some Dutch Coruage on the James Phillips Main stage on Friday from 8pm.

Albert Frost Trio
SA's most ass-kicking blues rock guitar god gets the Wild Card party started. Thurday, 11pm, Most Amazing Myn stage. Be there.

Bed On Bricks
The Mother City's festival favourites continue to shatter the Afro-funk stereotypes with their addictive modern rock tales of falling head over heels in - and out - of love.
Read: some hype
Listen: Royal Honey
Watch: a funny video. Get funky on Friday on the James Phillips Main stage from midnight.

This poet, rapper and singer describes her art as her "inner guide to personal freedom". She believes that "the word is the strongest medium because not only does it speak to the mind, it also speaks to the soul." Hmm, sounds like a definite spirtual oasis amidst all the koppi's usual sex, drugs 'n rock 'n roll soaked madness. Party with some purpose along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 8.30pm on Saturday.

Blaq Pearl
The Mother City's princess of hip hop soul delivers a welcome antidote to R&B booty babe amnesia with her conscious lyrics and timelessly funky flow. Read more: Website. Party with some purpose along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 10.30pm on Saturday.

Bloodline Ltd
SA hardcore heroes. Trevor (tonsil toaster), Vossie (axe murderer), Maks (bass butcher) and Pepi (drum assailant) are flippin' heavy bru. Forget old school or nu-skool. Anyone who'se heard This is Our Way know the Bloods are out of school. Read more: Website. Listen: Fists Raised. Rock out on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday at 1am.

Cabins in the Forest
Critically acclaimed Cape Town based combo Cabins in the Forest showcase some enigmatic folk, jazz, blues and acoustic psyche-folk pop songs off their new CD, Spell For Bribes. Read more: Website. Get bewitched upstairs at the Gito Baloi stage from 2pm on Friday.

Desmond & the Tutus
Almost as funny as Corne & Twakkie, these kwela-punk-funk hipsters romp from absurdist fables about saggy-bottomed Speedo swimmers to lovelorn odes to gothic chicks and back.
Watch: Live at koppi 2007 video. Get punky funky with them on the James Phillips Main stage on Saturday from 3pm.

Bob: an Oppi legend splices funk, jazz, Afrobeat and blues diced between ultramodern electronic beats. Friday and Saturday mornings on the koppi from around 9pm.
Data Takashi: prime indie-punk funk mover 'n shaker. Fry those synapses on the Gito Baloi stage from 2.30am on Saturday morning.
ELEKTRIK ZA: inner city SA electro.
Farmer James: breaks 'n beats for boozers.
Gol' Digga: jumping, pumping party starting hip-hop with a twist of femme flair.
Honey B: she's versatile, spinning everything from breaks, beats, jungle, d&b, funk, disco, jazz, house, hip hop and new wave to kwela-jive...old skool, nu-skool, she's cool. Ease into Saturday afternoon up on the Sipho Gumede stage from 3pm.
Nisker:one and Natalia: Mother City break beat strategist teams up with inner city siren. Sexy dub, electro, jazz and funk rated. Party with some purpose along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 10.30pm on Friday.
Richard the Third: expect a deft mix of down-tempo, electro and soulful Afro-beat hip shakers.
Sassquatch: skinny jeaned indie-funk servings seldom come as pastiche conscious, now do they?
Shaun Duvet: The Mother City's most dexterous house DJ weaves his ass-shaking magic. Get ready to party people! Saturday morning 12.30am on the Sipho Gumede stage is the place to be.
T!: 'Revel In' in it, you dig?
Kenzhero: Party People's prime mover returns with another genre-srufing master class. Party with some purpose along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 2am on Sunday morning.
Mix 'n Blend: Party People! From funk, soul, swing, reggae, and dancehall to breaks, drum and bass and beyond.

Ever wonder what Lark would sound like if they were Afrikaans and fans of progressive rock day trippers like Muse? Meet Bloemfontien's rising fab five of Judite Strydom (siren), Maarten van Vuuren (axe, ivories), Francois van Schoor (axe), Paul Carter (bass) and Andrew Spencer (drums). Listen: Land Van Die Affodil. Read more: Website. Have breafast with them at the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday from 11am.

Farryl Purkiss
Forget the Jack Johnson comparisons. Farryl's metro-sexual strums are far more chick-friendly. Ladies, this one's for you.
Read:FP CD Review.
Listen: Ducking and Diving (live) MP3.
Watch: Better Days video. Chill out at the James Phillips Main stage on Saturday from 1.45pm.

"I do this because, what affects the townships affect me" states this versatile child of song. Expect a fusion of spoken word guided by Hip Hop fundamentals wrapped in a hybrid of funked up soul and jazzy beat poetry. Read more: Website. Party with some purpose along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 8.30pm on Saturday.

Fire Through the Window
Do you know what love is? One listen to the fabulous indie-popped overhaul of Sinead O’Connor’s "Nothing Compares 2 U" on their virgin collection of cute ‘n’ cuddly indie-pop rock originals and you’ll just know that this fab Durban foursome knows exactly what finding that special something your soul requires is all about: good old-fashioned romance. Watch: Studio 1 video.
Read more: Website. Fall in love at the James Phillips Main stage on Saturday from 11.30am.

Foto na Dans
These young Afrikaans garage rock guns proved they're more than just a savvy cocktail of the best bits of the Springbok Nude Girls and Fokofpolisiekar by scoring a SAMA nomination. Well now, that comparison is enough reason to check 'em out, isn't it? Read: Intervensie CD review.
Listen: Vergeet Van My MP3.
Watch: Street Review video. Catch them on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday from 11.30pm.

The multiple Sama-winning pot-bellied Afro-pop sensations headline the Koppi this year. The only question is: "Doo-bee, or not Doo-bee?" Read: Ma’Cheri CD review.
Watch: Interview video.
Listen: Castles (remix) MP3.
Mobile: Pot Belly. Get Afro-popped on Friday on the James Phillips Main stage from 10pm.

These ska-punk stalwarts can get any mosh pit party started.
Read: Interview.
Listen: Free MP3. Mosh it up on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Friday from 11pm.

Gert Vlok Nel
The cult Afrikaans singer songwriter returns to share his broken-hearted troubadour tales from Beaufort West. Keep it simple on the Gito Baloi stage on Saturday from 5.30pm.

Gordon's Suitcase feat. Strings & Skins
If ambient blues scapes, meandering folk implosions, hypnotic jazzy joints and an intricately textured canvas of guitar, bass and drum filters that take in a spectral post rock deconstruction of The Doors "Riders On the Storm" sound like frequencies you can tune into then these guys are guaranteed to give you the most mesmerizing temporal lobe massage you’ll get all year. Sounds like Saturday lunch at 1pm on the Most Amazing Myn stage might have to wait, eh?

Guy Buttery
Durban's guitar prodigy tweaks the acoustic envelope with some 'mad scientist' sitar-toned instrumental scapes, quietly psychedelic improvisations and mandolin-picked pastoral tone poems kissed with classical, folk, bluegrass and avant-garde filters. Any festival fan after some head candy, he's not to be missed: trek upstairs to the Gito Baloi stage from 2pm on Friday.

Harris Tweed
Imagine Katie Melua's younger sister suddenly realising she's sexy herself and you'll appreciate how Harris Tweed has evolved since The younger. Gone are the whimsical indie-folk pop lullabies and cute 'n cuddly ditties about falling out of love. In their place fractured folk ballads, bruised alt.country cruises and sublime pop rock implosions about searching for something to believe in.
Watch: Stook interview and live videos. Get bewitched at the Gito Baloi stage from 9pm on Saturday.

Fans of Mew, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, The Mars Volta and composers such as Sergei Rachmaninov, Hans Zimmer and Victor Wooten should definitely diarise this self-styled “epic progressive synth-rock” band pushing the rhythmical and melodic progress rock frequencies. deep fry your vetkoek to these cats from 12.30pm on Saturday on the James Phillips Main stage.

Jack Hammer
Original mystic blues rock boer, Piet Botha showcases songs off his killer new Jack Hammer CD Highway 13.
Listen: Jozi Town MP3. Catch Piet on the Gito Baloi stage on Saturday from 11.30pm.

Janice and the Half Jacks
"When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade..." reads this acoustic folk rock combo's myspace blurb. Ag sweet. Catch them on the Gito Baloi stage on Friday from 1pm.

Josie Field
Forget the 2nd hand Alanis comparisons. Expect impassioned acoustic guitar strummed croons and downbeat, yet curiously comforting alt. pop confessionals that range from bruised femme-folk rockers to soaring country rock excursions and wry unplugged smiles.
Read: Mercury CD review. Listen: CD clips.
Watch: Live on Studio 1 video. Get nu-folked on Friday on the James Phillips Main stage from 2.30pm.

Karen Zoid
Don't be fooled by the tabloid rumours. Karen is still this country's hardest rawking chick. She'll be showcasing songs off her SAMA-winning indie-label comeback, Postmodern World, as well as some plesierige Afrikaner classics. Read: Media CD review
and In die Staatsteater DVD review.
Watch: Live and TV interview. Diarise 10.30pm, James Phillips Main stage on Friday now.

Call it punk funk if you like. Call it shoegazing. Or even call it post rock. Whatever it is, it's taken root in of all places, Pretoria. If you're bored by hard rock tonsil-toasters and flamboyant frontmen then their oceanic soundscapes are sure to be the perfect instrumental head rush.
Read: CD review.
Watch: Oppikoppi 2007 interview video. Trip out on the James Phillips Main stage from just 12.30am on Saturday monring.

Koos Kombuis
The koppi legend is back for another round of brandy en cokes. Or should that Tassies with a twist? Read: Bloedrivier CD review.
Listen: Fokkol MP3
Watch: Afrikaans interview video. Get your ass to the James Phillips Main stage on Saturday from 6.30pm.
Kwani Experience
Freshlyground’s Rainbow Nation Afro-pop recipe not to your taste? Tune into a Jozi octet mapping Mzansi’s hip inner city pulse with a bewitching jazz, soul, funk and kwaito-hop brew. Watch: Oppikoppi 07 interview video. Tune into their blazing Afrobeat with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage on Saturday from 7.30pm.

Laurie Levinebr> Sultry 'n sensitive folk rock songbird bares and shares her well-crafted tales of heartache and heartbreak. A bummer? Not on 2.30pm on Saturday up on the Giot Baloi stage it ain't.

Lonesome Dave Ferguson featuring Saucetone

Harmonica slinger rollicks through an improvised boogie blend of blues, funk, Zydeco, and post-country-ish originals and covers that can best be coined as "Trans-Blues & Country-Dub". Saucetone adds some lap steel textures. Give yourself a head massage to these cats on the Sipho Gumede stage from 6pm on Saturday.

Lucky Fonz III
This former pianist, DJ and busker found his flow as a solo singer-songwriter in the thriving Amsterdam underground folk scene. Expect an alt.country excursion deeply rooted in American song traditions: from Cash and Dylan to Bright Eyes and Will Oldham. The Gito Baloi stage on Saturday from 7.30pm is recommended.

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse
Bored by all the rawk en roll? Make sure you catch this saxophone legend jazzing up the koppi. Who can forget giant mbaqanga pop hits like "Jive Soweto" and "Burnout!"?
Watch: The Creator Has A Master Plan live video. Get your jazz groove on with 'Hotstix' on the James Phillips Main stage at 8.30pm on Saturday.

New Academics
Jazzy hip-hop smoked underground rock anyone? Yep, if spliffed out festival-ready anthems about the joys of "freedom for all, free one night stands" and being a burned out youth light your fire, then this funky rock foursome are sure to be an essential Oppi pit stop. Anyone for sundowners on the Most Amazing Stage from 5.30pm on Saturday?

New Found Disorder
East Rand metal core. Need we say more? How does 2.30pm on Friday on the Most Amazing Myn stage grab you?

Nibs van der Spuy
Catch the acoustic guitar guru's Landscaped Prayers up on the Gito Baloi stage from 5pm on Friday.

Bored by big pimping male emcees and their booty-chasing boasts? Get conscious with this smoking sista. Free your mind and your heart will follow on the Sipho Gumede stage from 11.30pm on Saturday.

Looking to get sweaty? This expatriate Nigerian rapper's so damn funky he can get white guys in skinny jeans and their girlfriends in Ramones T-shirts to shake their tooshes. Guaranteed. Free your mind people, and yo' ass will mos definitely follow on the Sipho Gumede stage from 5.30pm on Saturday.

Dan Patlansky
Step aside Albert Frost, there's a new blues rock guitar sherriff in town. Dan's the man. He's the real deal. Read:Real CD Review Listen: Southern Moon MP3.

Watch: Live video. Catch Dan on the James Phillips Main Stage on Friday from 6pm.

Dutch nu-reggae collective get the party started with their funky hip-hop and pop rhythms. Read more: Website. Get irie along with Channel24 on the Sipho Gumede stage from 4.30pm on Saturday.

Selaelo Selota
Sama-winning African jazz guitarist keeps the koppi super cool. Read: interview. Get jazzy on the Gito Baloi stage from 4pm on Saturday.

Southern Gypsey Queen
His 'n hers vocals set this funky blues rock combo apart from your usual afternoon festival jamming fare.
Read: Rise Up CD review. Listen: Let it Burn MP3. 4pm on Friday on the Main Stage is a tough slot, but hey, if your tents pitched, then why not?

What the hell are we supposed to make of a band that bill themselves as "jungleskavooodoorock"? Simple: the demon-child of decades of collective experience, with bands like The Slashdogs, Evil Eddies, The Death Valley Blues Band, End of My Leave, Bloodline Ltd and PCP closely rooted to their family tree, their live performances are billed as "a blitzkrieg of guitars and waves of melody, held together by the common thread of funkedelica and a not too cautious mixture of rock n roll." 9pm, Most Amazing Stage, Friday. Be there.

Forget ZA punk's emo pop posing. Swivel Foot's Dave (bass, vocals), Jarryd (guitar, vocals) and Donovan (drums) sure have. Yes, yes, despite the mohawk. Is 7pm on the Most Aamzing Myn stage an ambitious slot? Maybe. Maybe not.

Syd Kitchen
Self-styled Afro-Saxon cultural guerilla and pre-modern minstrel shares his leftfield folkie genius. Watch: Washing your Socks live at Splashy video. Good hey? Watch him knock your socks off on the Gito Baloi stage on Friday from 7pm.

Tasha Baxter
Sama-winning pop siren showcases her smudged lipstick cocktail of Natasha Bedingfield and Kylie-lite. If all the testosterone on the amins atges are driving you crazy, you should definitely get your Sipho Gumede stage party started on Friday from 8pm.

. Taxi Violence
George (vox), Jason (bass & backing vox), Louis (drums) and Rian (guitar) couldn’t give a toss if you hear Led Zep, Thin Lizzy or Lithium in their black-and-blue car cruising rock crawls about the hell of handling modern life…and high maintenance babes. TV doesn’t wear their influences on their sleeves – they insist you do.
Read: Untie Yourself CD review.
Listen: Living It Up MP3. Untie yourself on the James Phillips Main stage on Saturday from 4.45pm.

The Cavalier
Curiously, there's not that much known about this Joburg-based alternative rock foursome. Other than the fact that they're not that masked Afrikaans horserider from back in the day. These Cavaliers are Jay (vocals), Chris (guitar), Pete (bass) and Pat (drums). See them on the Most Amazing Myn stage at 3.15pm on Friday.

The Ha! Man
Press blurb: "The HA!Man (Francois le Roux) is a spontaneous cellist, creating music that fuses his classical background with Africa and the world. His genius as an improviser is well respected in South Africa, where he is based with Laura Kirsten." Cool. Check him on the Gito Baloi main stage on Saturday from noon.

The Kick
Imagine Led Zep kicking out some jams with the MC5 and you've got some idea of where these guys are on the retro rock map. Get experienced on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday from noon.

The Klassikist
Press blurb: "Born half-man half-cylon, the klassikist is the result of failed genetic experiment that attempted to splice together the genes of Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse and Benny Goodman. Abandoned by other DJs as a child, he prefers to live in the half-light shadow world of 80s-retro-alt-pop counter culture than in the dizzy lights of the superultracool here-and-now. It is not advisable to approach the klassikist in his natural environment without at least one handful of brown sugar cubes." Well, naturally. Tune in an drop out along with Channel24 at the Sipho Gumede stage on Friday from noon.

The Mojomatics
Imagine the White Stripes slurping moonshine while watching spaghetti westerns and you've got some idea of just how lost in translation this spiffy-suit sporting Italian duo's delta-punked country, blues and good old fashioned rock 'n roll surfs are. Watch: No Place to Go video. Talk Italian from 2.30pm on the Most Amazing Myn stage.

The Ragdolls
Fans of The Gossip and Juliette and her libidinous licks...this feisty femme fronted CT indie-rock cocktail is for you. Check them out on the Most Amazing Myn stage at 1pm on Friday.

The Shadow Club
Isolation.tv's Lloyd Gedye digs 'em: "short, sharp, blues-driven stompers that have a lot in common with the energetic Southern American-influenced garage rock of The Black Keys, The White Stripes and Kings of Leon." Definitely worth watching then. Read: Interview. Enjoy our hangover with them on the James Philips Main stage at 10am on Saturday.

Thys Nywerheid
Big beat mayhem, omniscient funkiness and explosive guitar abuse provides the backdrop for these satirical views of the modern Afrikaner. Listen: MP3. Tune in and drop out at the Gito Baloi stage on Sunday morning at 120.30am.

Tidal Waves
Yeoville's finest bring you the new eclectic flavour: original socially conscious and uplifting roots reggae filtered with strong rock, ska and blues mbaqanga. Like all good reggae, their lyrics range from Rainbow Nation one love anthems to sad tales of urban South African poverty and the struggle to survive as musicians in the global capitalist economy. Catch them on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday at 9.30pm.

Valiant Swart
The mystic blues rocker embarks on a 100% veld-fed celebration of Afrikaans folk music. Expect a nostalgic time trip through small town liefdes ditties, bakgat braaivleis boogies, lekker luister langar, smaaklike sakkie jol celebrations and hip 'n haunting tales of love lost in the bottom of the bottle.
Read: Vrydagaand/Saterdagaand CD review.
Watch: English interview and Afrikaans interview
Vrydagaand/Saterdagaand MP3. Catch him on the Gito Baloi stage on Friday at 11pm.

Van Coke Kartel
Francois van Coke (vocals/guitar), Wynand Myburgh (bass guitar) and Justin Kruger (drums) go back to basics with their drug-fuelled diaries about trying to find meaning amidst all the rock 'n roll madness.
Read: Van Coke Kartel CD review
Listen: "September Fools" MP3
Watch: Live video. Catch them on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Vendetta Cartel
Kinetic punk rock sliced 'n diced with hardcore vocal howls (think Rage Against the Machine) make these cats one of the most original, aggro-core combos to hit the SA scene. Ever. Catch them on the Most Amazing Myn Stage on Friday at 5pm.

Voodoo Child
"Voodoo Child is coining a style of their own" said The Citizen newspaper. They wren't wrong. If the funky Hendrix tipped electric rock and contagious Beatles melodied hip-hop hybridity of their debut EP, Good Times are Killing Me is any indictaion, then these cats are definitely one of the jokers in this year's Wild Card pack. Catch them on the James Phillips Main Stage on Friday at 1.30pm.

Yesterday's People
"The offspring of two genres, pop and completely-out-of-your-fu**ing-mindness" goes their myspace blurb. Catch these indie-rock outsiders on the Gito Baloi stage on Saturday at 1am. Read more: Website.

Zebra & Giraffe
Critics reckon this hipster indie-disco-pop combo is going to be one of the Wildest Cards this year. Catch them - and their skinny jeaned fans - on the Most Amazing Myn stage on Saturday from 4pm. Read more: Website.

Ticket info
R399 via website or Computicket. You can also buy tickets at the gate for R400, with or without your Kruger Park wild card.

Okay, so we’re all keen to catch Afro-pop phenomenon Freshlyground, sax jive master Hotstix Mabuse and mystic blues boer Valiant Swart. But come on, are aKING, Southern Gypsey Queen and The Klassikist just grammatically challenged or are they actually worth watching? And if the Van Coke Kartel are Afrikaans garage rock dealers, then who the hell are the Vendetta Cartel? Relax. Don't fold your festival hand before it’s played. Instead read our Oppikoppi 2008 band primer pack to ensure your festiv

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