Overheard at Splashy Fen 2008

2008-03-26 05:26
Durbs music scene types by the campfire over beers:
Type1: "I’m telling you, when a woman gets faulty, dump her – immediately."
Type2: "Ya, you’d know. Twice married."
Type1: "Bro I got shot at twice, by the same woman. That’s why I’m sitting at the bottom of the garden, drinking beer. Keeping my head down."

Laughter by die Dam, featuring a journo and a longhaired dude in a hat, and a band, all watching idiots throwing massive rocks down the mountainside
Journo: "Imagine how many crickets’ homes have been fucked up by that."
Long-Hair: "Exactly, bro, exactly."
Group around them: “Run! Cricket, Run!"
Undercover Cop Type who didn’t attend gigs with laminated programme chats up music fans at fire
Undercover: "So, have you seen any good bands?"
Music fans: "Ja, stacks! We saw Captain Stu, and Syd Kitchen…"
Undercover: "How many guys were in the bands?"

Unidentified Man through porterloo walls
"Oh, shut up. I came here for Rock ‘n Roll; I didn’t come here for you."

Rosy Gorgeous Girl to Moustached man
"So Leo took this girl back to the tent and they did their thing and then they split up and carried on partying and in the morning Leo work up, and she’s lying in the tent, next to Dave. And Leo says to Dave, 'Hey, that’s the girl I was with last night!' and Dave says 'No, she isn’t.' And Leo says: ‘Yes, she is. Check, she’s still wearing my jersey!' "

- Jean Barker

Splashy Fen is an amazing festival, despite the rain, or perhaps because of it. We’ll be following up with a full write-up of the four nights of mud, music and plenty madness, but in the meantime, enjoy these galleries, and some conversations I just couldn’t help overhearing. *Some names have been changed.

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