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2006-07-13 16:21

Using pop culture to sell stuff is an old trick. Even cool bands like Goldfrapp sell their melodies. Some other artists refuse to - Jello Biafra of punk group The Dead Kennedys refused to sell to Levis. His band members sued him and he lost, and Levis got the song, proving for once and for all who really wears the pants when it comes to song rights.

Last year, Arno Carstens sold one of his best songs off his first album to Volkswagen, make it even easier to cry in Volkswagen adverts (he wasn't the first to sell to this company. David Kramer also did it for the old combi advert, aired before SUVS, and before Kombis were unofficially renamed "minibuses").

Though some call it a sell out, being in a TV ad usually does a lot for an artists' profile. Mango Groove were much bigger after the coke ad!

We listened to some of the songs we have available as free mp3 downloads, and realised just how many of them would make great advertisment soundtracks. We decided ad agencies need reminding that Freshly Ground aren't the only South African band making music.

So come on, so called "creatives". Take a look through our suggestions. More importantly, take a listen to them. And we won't even charge you for the tip-off.

Steve Hofmeyr - Pampoen
Download Pampoen
For fruit and veg city. If possible, the ad should star Steve himself, and show him winking at steamed up tannies through the piles of carrots.

Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes - Spoed
Download Spoed
A great, driving song for Next Year's arrive alive campaign... or Ford's new 4x4... or Red Bull.

DNA Strings - The Click Song
Download The Click Song
This remake of an old classic will suit any landbou, bank, or cement product ad. May even be manipulated into a theme for a cricket series or a warped Castle Lager play on nationalism.

Blomkrag - Vier by Vier en Visvang
Download Vier By Vier en Visvang
Nog n' 4x4 advert. Heaven knows there are enough different types, and enough suburbanites driving them even.

Deluxe - It's Alright
Download It's Alright
A big appliances company that trades on the idea of family may like this. You could show different families go through daily grind like interacting with their fridges, vacuum cleaners, ovens, microwaves, tvs, and so on. Think LG with a heart. It's ok to live life. It's allright.

The Diesel Whores - Cocaine
Download Cocaine
We'd like to see the SAPS run an anti-drug campaign with this song. The results could be interesting.

Joshua Grierson - Three Man Explosion
Downoad Three Man Explosion
There must be something that appeals to that gap-year age group. Maybe it's a radio station or a brand of jeans. As they go wandering around the country finding themselves, this song would be the song they remember as the soundtrack. So we're looking at Klipdrift, Levi's or Tuks FM here.

Lark - Grey Evening
Download Grey Evening
One of those cerebral investment broker ads that appeal to the business types. Suitably grey buildings and images of stoney-faced new-generation upwardly mobile youths and middle execs abound.

The Rudimentals - Noh TV
Download Noh TV
A great ad for a radio campaign. Ok, so it's telling people to "Turn off your TV", but wouldn't you give Radio 2000 credit for such a novel approach? Hey, maybe some bookseller chains can take it for seconds. Paperweight - are you listening? Or even a TV station. If MTV can make anti ad adverts, TV will be making anti TV adverts for TV anytime soon.

Three Bored White Guys - Mantits
Download Mantits
This song about looking for love with all the wrong equipment could work as an add for a new gym. It's more Planet Fitness than Virgin Active... or how about Men's Health?

Three Chord Theory - Thuggz and Theivez
Download Mantits
How about this add to go with a gritty ad for a security company. Or what the hell, for insurance. They wouldn't be the first punk band to do it for the money.

- Compiled by Anton Marshall and Jean Barker

Freshly Ground may have sold over 100 000 copies of their latest CD, but that's not where the real money is. The real money is in big concerts, corporate gigs, and of course, selling the rights to your songs for by advertisers. Here are a few songs - all available for free download on MWEB - that we think would make good soundtracks for TV adverts. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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