Spice Girls: Pre-fab Pop

2008-01-02 15:52
Watch the videos:

Part 1: The Birth of A Band
Mel B's attitude saves her from crooning on a cruise ship. Posh thinks she's sexy, if a little fat. No surprises there, then. Mel C shows she's got some potentially top pop chops. Meanwhile Gerry's got loads of X-factor, but can't really sing at ALL. Weirdly enough there's also initially an extra Spice Girl (sadly, not named "extra-hot"). 'Smart Spice' didn’t last. Enter final member, Emma 'cute-as-a-Baby' Bunton.

Part 2: Spicing Things Up
They lived in a horrible house in Maidenhead. Virgin jokes aside, it was "teenage hell". They lived off pizza, toast, jams, and sandwiches and whatever else they could afford after cashing their dole cheques in every week. And then there were those pesky personality clashes. Were the rehearsal tiffs where Mel B kept ragging Gerry for being a singing budgie going to tear the group apart? Or were they just the creative tension the girls needed?

Part 3: Pop Will Eat Itself
Trace the highs and lows that led to the Spice Girls break up before they became totally manicured, boxed or botoxed. Get up close and personal with the only really musical Spice Girl, Mel C.

Part 4: Brand Building
Will the real Posh Spice please stand up? Meet Victoria Adams Wood… clumsy, painfully shy, and healthy. Not the scrawny publicity magnet and brand builder she is today. And as Mel B puts it, "… a bit dizzy sometimes. You have to point things out to her." Also hear how Ginger was always the biggest wannabe in the group.

What is so loveable about this early footage is how ordinary and approachable Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Baby seem. So, which do you prefer: the real Spice Girls, or what they later became? Makes you wonder whether Idols' Jody will soon transform from a giggly, tongue-tied teenager into a chart-climbing press pro.

- Jean Barker

If you hate squeaky clean and sanitised pop portraits, you’ll love these video clips from a recently released documentary about the Spice Girls. It's a fab behind the scenes flick about the days before they were famous. Watching this footage is also a reminder of how the music business can transform ambitious wannabes into full blown celebs faster than you can say "15 Seconds of Fame".

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