The Jane's Addiction Interview - Jane's Addiction: Lost and Found

2008-11-29 16:14

M-WEB: So is Strays a reunion album or a new project?
STEVEN: I don't think it's a reunion, it's a brand new band, a rebirth. Dave, what were you going to say?
DAVE: I was gonna say "no". I think that the band reunited in 1996 - when actually myself and Flea from Chili Peppers joined Porno for Pyros, the band that Steven and Perry had, for the Private Parts soundtrack, the Howard Stern film. We did a song called "Hard Charger" together and ever since then we've been playing together. We did our full on reunion in '97 and then we went and continued to tour through 2001 and right after that we made Strays. So, we've been a band for quite a while. The album just took a little bit of seasoning.

M-WEB: So what's the difference between Jane's today and the band from 13 years ago?
PERRY (laughs): I think Chris can answer that best! (They all burst out laughing) No, I think actually Chris is the difference between then and now, if it were not for Chris I don't think any of us would be here right now.
STEVEN: that is true. We'd be down at the pool relaxing.
PERRY: 'cos we wouldn't have a bass player -
STEVEN: but now we like doing it, we're gonna do it for a long time. Back then we didn't like it so much and we had to come to the end.

M-WEB: What did your various solo projects teach you, if anything?
CHRIS: Probably just being open minded to a lot of different styles of music, I bring every experience I've gone through musically in whatever I'm actually doing. Just playing with Steven, Perry and Dave, brings a whatever - a fourth voice, a different diversity into the music.
STEVEN: I think with me, my music and personality has become better at listening to people. When I play my music my ears bigger, and when I talk to people my ears bigger. So I'm a better listener now.

M-WEB: So your sound has evolved over the years then?
Let's hope so, I think that in order for us to stay refreshed and interested and excited there has to be an evolution and I think we're always evolving. And over the past year we've evolved as a band, you know incredibly. And I think we're continuing to do that by touring, hanging out together, playing with other musicians and bringing those experiences back. Part of the excitement of what we do is that evolution.

M-WEB: What was it like working with super producer Bob Ezrin - the man behind the desk on such classic 70s albums as Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall"?
not only does he know where to put the microphones and what tools to use and not use, but he knows how to make the relationship work, how to make the environment in the studio fun. And I think his influence on us was laughter and having a good time with each other.
PERRY: he basically just blew up a lot of balloons and then left!
DAVE: here's a good way to describe Bob Ezrin. He's a whip-cracker, but at the end of his whip, he has a little French
PERRY: yeah, that's a very good way (sniggers dubiously)....

M-WEB: Is it gratifying to hear so many new bands citing you as a major influence?
When people say they're influenced by us I don't really hear the sound - but I do hear an attitude or an "energy". And that attitude is a sense of freedom. And also the music is looked after - you know, we like to craft our songs and spend a long time on 'em.

On their pioneering albums Nothing Shocking (1988) and Ritual de lo Habitual (1990) Jane's Addiction offered listeners bored of hairspray poodle perms an invigorating mix of post-glam hard riffs and an openly art rock stadium ready swagger. Of course, then grunge came along and good old-fashioned rock 'n roll was never quite the same. After a decade spent dabbling in misfires such as Porno for Pyros, the eternal outsider Perry Farrell is back in the big time and he's brought original members Dav publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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