The Terminatrix interview - Terminatrix: The body electric

2006-03-29 10:58

MWEB: How did Terminatrix come about?
The whole thing just started out just as an experiment to amuse ourselves. But then the interest actually got much bigger than we expected.

MWEB: They hype is hardly surprising though, what with Christina playing in the band at one time?
Ja, she's very much into music and stuff and we just thought it would be great to have a female fronted band -
PAUL: And of course, if you have two hot chicks it's good - even if they just stand there and fart on stage! (grins)
SONJA: But we didn't expect it to pick up as much as it did. Unfortunately Christina is extremely busy so eventually her modelling side just took up all her time. But she's still very enthusiastic about the whole thing.
PAUL: So she'll probably still guest on one or two songs.

MWEB: What was supporting Diary of Dreams like?
PAUL: Well, we were actually considering not to.
SONJA: We were only really planning on starting this year with anything live. I've never performed live onstage singing, I mean I've done other stuff...laughs...I've danced all my life. But that's a whole different ball game.
Paul: So we just saw it as a marketing opportunity -
Sonja: And for me to get experience.

MWEB: So what was the audience response like?
There were little okies coming up asking her to sign their ID books for them!
SONJA: Ja, a lot of girls came up to me as well and said it's so cool. In Joburg I actually had a girl about my age, probably older wanting my autograph. I was like "that's impossible!" (laughs) So, posing for photographs...I'm not used to the reaction from people. I couldn't believe it, but I'm glad people enjoyed it.

M-WEB: Your sound transcends your average EBM/Gothic stuff doesn't it?
Look, the reason we did the Diary of Dreams thing was mainly for your kind of Gothic, Darkwave fans. But, you know, not everyone is just a Sisters of Mercy fan, some of them do like something else. Our music has little Gothic things, it's got lots of metal stuff in it, little electronic pieces, it's all over the place. And at least 2 or 3 songs are alternative kind of hard dance.
SONJA: We actually have a German song as well, it's very out there, is one of my favourites.
PAUL: The reason we did that was because Sonja likes like Neubauten, Laibach and Rammstein stuff. She just likes the sound of German music.
Sonja: Ja, I actually want to do one or two Afrikaans songs as well. It would be great to offer people an alternative to what they get...especially Afrikaans people. I mean what do they get? Battery 9 and that's where it ends.

M-WEB: You guys seem to enjoy dressing up and giving your audience a performance?
Well people don't do shows anymore. I mean, it's not like we can afford to do a "Robbie Williams" show! But within our means we are going to try and make it more interesting than just four okies standing there with their denims hanging under their underpants and their little chains.
SONJA: There has to be some sort of showmanship going into it. I think people appreciate it more if you actually go to the trouble to put on a show. Where is the fun? The fun bit for me is getting onstage...I mean I don't walk around in PVC the whole day!

M-WEB: Do you think South African audiences are ready for Terminatrix?
Well, what annoys me is the fact that people complain the whole time that there's no choice, but you know people try and get bands together and then people don't appreciate it. I've picked it up from the Gothic circles, they're never really happy with anything. There were actually people who said that Diary of Dreams was miming! They weren't! They were brilliant!

M-WEB: Isn't being miserable the definition of a Goth though?
We're not Goth affiliated whatsoever!
SONJA: I'm a recovered Goth. I'm like three years clean (laughs).
PAUL: There are certain aspects I do like but I think that sometimes the personalities just take themselves too seriously. This little clan of "whatever"...
SONJA: We're more ambitious than just wanting to please a few Goths.
PAUL: And alternative music is a minority within music and Goth even more of a speck. I mean if they're really into what they're doing, then fine, I don't have a problem with that but hopefully we help to bring them out of those little Goth shells of theirs.

With a sound that ranges from edgy EBM, industrial and ambient gothic metal to seriously erotic electro-clash Terminatrix exploded into the South African alternative club culture's consciousness recently supporting German Darkwave movers 'n shakers, Diary of Dreams on their national tour. We asked PVC clad coupling Paul (ex-Voice of Destruction drummer) and Sonja about offering South African audiences an authentic alternative music experience and whether model Christina Storm was still in the ba publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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