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2007-11-29 07:07
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What is Van Coke Kartel?
Wynand: The whole idea of the Van Coke Kartel project is to go back to our roots and do a straight up rock ‘n roll thing. You know, with not too much production and trying to get more of a live sound?

How is Van Coke Kartel different from Fokof?
Wynand: The idea was to capture more of the basics - the sort of vibe the two of us have live, put that down. While Fokof’s sound was - how can I describe it? Quite busy…with the last album Swaneswang there was a lot happening in production, you know? This is more ‘straight up’…faster and more aggressive…what was the question originally?

Why exactly did Fokof take a break?
Wynand: …the way people twist stuff and change it. We wanted to do something Afrikaans because it’s close to home for us and we feel we can express ourselves that way. And one day you wake up and then [people] want to make it as if you’re the answer to some sort of a question. I think that thing was the biggest problem for us. You know, we just wanted to be a band….But then again, there’s also cool stuff about it, you know? We obviously wanted to make people pissed off every now and then, I suppose - or at least make them think.
Singing your own lyrics and playing guitar must’ve been a challenge?
Francois: I’m used to going on like a baboon onstage…that’s definitely going to be different because I’m going to have to focus now. In Fokofpolisiekar I could obviously play as drunk as I- well not always, but most of the time be as drunk as possible. But now I’ll have to focus on playing guitar as well. So it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I dig it. It’s definitely a challenge and something that I need to do and needed to happen.

What are your songs about?
Francois: All the songs have more or less the same theme, you know? Um, it’s about living in South Africa and specifically living in Cape Town. I think it’s very plek-gebonde. I don’t think it’s too emotional or serious. I think all of the stuff is kind of a joke, you know? And even if it gets serious, it’s still a little bit tongue in cheek.

What bands influenced you during the recording of the album?
Wynand: Personally, the bands that I’ve been digging in the past few years like Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon…it’s always been more of that rock ‘n roll sort of sound, you know? The idea was to do something similar to that and just go back to the roots of the whole grunge vibe – Nirvana, all those 3 piece bands….

Van Coke Kartel fact file
The Van Coke Kartel is: Francois Van Coke (vocals, guitar), Wynand Myburgh (bass) Justin Kruger (drums).
Their debut CD was recorded in Bellville Studios under the guidance of Springbok Nude Girl guitarist and ‘main’ producer Theo Crouse.
Buddies Laudo Liebenberg (A King) and George Van Der Spuy (Taxi Violence) cameo on a couple of tracks.
Fokofpolisiekar lyricist Hunter Kennedy co-wrote a song on the album and plays guitar and sings on that tune.
Van Coke Kartel launch their debut CD at the Mercury Live, Cape Town on November 29.

- Miles Keylock

What the hell does a pair of best buddies do when they’re fed up with their band being pigeonholed as poster boys for an Afrikaans protest rock revolution? Well, if you’re Fofokopolisiekar’s Francois Van Coke and Wynand Myburgh you go back to basics. You strip away the sex, drugs and anti-establishment stereotyping. You start a brand new band to figure out why the hell you wanted to rock in the first place. Meet the Van Coke Kartel. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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