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2007-09-20 15:51
Timbaland to the rescue
Just in case you missed it: Britney's 'bloated' comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was dismal. She looked lethargically unfit as she sang her new single "Gimme More", and yes actually struggled to remember the words as she lip-synched. Enter rapper-producer extraordinaire, Timbaland together with ex- boyfie Justin Timberlake in the mix to help this sorry sister! Yep, Tim and JT were going to hook up with the troubled "Toxic" singer but she threw it all back in their faces. Timbaland's word: "If Britney and Justin teamed up it would be the best thing that ever happened and would help her out. She has no comeback story and that's the problem.” Headlines would read, “She went back to her ex and she's making smashes.” Instead Britney dissed the dudes, yelling “Screw you, screw you, I don't need nobody!" Britney girl, you need help and it’s right there on an almost-platinum platter. Please humble yourself and apologize! Timbaland just needs you to say you’re sorry and that you were wrong. From there who knows? You and JT may be making hits one more time baby girl!

Metro Fm Awards going back to eBayi
Well if you haven’t heard by now, the Metro Fm awards aren’t going to be gracing the shores of the Mother City no more! Even worse, they’re going back to P.E again, nogal! So anyone looking forward to painting Cape Town red, brown or green will have to wait for next year or maybe never! So much for “Metro FM’s commitment to rotating the locale for the awards in a bid to enable different cities to enjoy the spin-off tourism and community upliftment benefits that the awards will bring with them”. Capetonian jammers not chuffed about this should call in and tell breakfast show host, Thomas that this is what’s stealing their joy!

LL Cool J offers to pimp feuding rockers fight
Hip-hop rapper LL Cool J wants feuding rockers Kid Rock and Tommy Lee to fight out their Pam Anderson issues in a pay-per-view battle. He said: "I'm not sure who'd win in a fight between Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Let's pay-per-view the thing, I'll even front the money." The fisticuffs between Kid and Tommy at the MTV Music Awards recently sparked the idea. Rock claims his brawl with Lee was the culmination of a five-year feud between them. The two former husbands of ‘Baywatch’ beauty Pamela Anderson came to blows at the Las Vegas ceremony after Lee muttered something to Rock as he walked past his table. Rock said it was unavoidable. “I had to do what I had to do because this was a long time coming. You know, I came back from the bathroom and he was sitting right there. It was even more disrespectful after everything he's said, I was like that's enough, that's it." Actually, maybe LL Cool J should release a new album rather - it has been a while dude. Ladies Love Cool James because he’s a lover not a fighter!

Foo keeps on Fighting
Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl hates Courtney Love more than anyone in the world. The former Nirvana drummer who has publicly feuded with Kurt Cobain's widow in the past, even previously calling her an "ugly f***ing b***h" live on stage. Eish parental guidance is advised!! He insists there is no one else he detests more. Grohl said: "There are a lot of people that I've been angry with in my life, but the one that's most noted in Courtney. “I still remain a little secretive about it all.” Psh please! Secretive? In new song "Let It Die" - off the FF's latest album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace - Grohl sings the line "A simple man and his blushing bride/Intravenous, intertwined". It's reportedly a reference to Love and his Nirvana bandmate Cobain, who suffered from heroin addiction before committing suicide in 1994. Grohl also revealed how that now he is a father to daughter Violet, he's not afraid to write ballads instead of hard rock songs. He said: “Violet's the light at the end of my tunnel. I'm not afraid to write anything anymore. A lot of that has to do with the big picture - having a child and realizing that life's too short to be afraid of a f**king piano ballad.” Then brother you need to make peace and give Courtney some love too!

Jozi in Jozi
Word is that the latest video of “Muthaland” from patriotic hip-hop band Jozi is just too tight!! Despite it being done on a tight budget of only R10 000!! It was shot in a day in Jo’burg’s city center and features the city’s buildings, hot spots and the hustle and bustle of Jo'burg life. The trio called Ghetto Ruff boss, Lance Stehr to hook them up with the cash immediately to produce a video they had just conceptualized. Bongani Fassie, Ismael and Da Les really upped their game with this video as it keeps you hooked right from the beginning to the end, with Bongani and Da Les donned in funky skating gear and slogan t-shirts, skating their way around the hood and Ismael pimpin in jeans and a vintage coat. It’s an impressive video - yes it features females, but there’s no booty hopping here. Instead, Jozi play it pimp style, big-upping a classic Cell C ‘I love Jozi’ sign. Now that’s Mzansi fo sho!

Paris Mini-me drama
Paris Hilton is not going to adopt four blonde babies. The hotel heiress has denied reports she wants to travel the world to find disadvantaged children, who share her characteristics, who she can give a home to. She said: "People have said I'm adopting four blonde babies. That's retarded! I'm not." Yes you’re not retarded Paris! She added that maybe she will at some point in her life, but wants to have her own children first. Last week, sources close to Paris, 26, claimed she was ready to follow in the footsteps of several other stars, including Angelina Jolie and Madonna, and adopt. One said: "Paris has been saying, 'You don't need a husband to have babies.' There are babies in orphanages around the world, and she's hoping to find four girls with blonde hair and pretty eyes to whom to give the Hilton name. She's been telling people,'I want a brood of little mini versions of me. I'll raise them to be the most famous women in the world.' '' Mara who’s fooling who here?

James too Blunt
Metro-sexual singer songwriter James Blunt has attacked his former songwriting partner on his new album. Blunt and songwriter Amanda Ghost, once good friends wrote the number one hit 'You're Beautiful' together. But on a new song "Annie" from Blunt's latest LP All Lost Souls the former army officer sings "Annie, you had your dream on the bright lights/ You're just not going very far. Your dreams are crumbling". A music industry insider insists the lyrics are about Ghost. The source said: "Amanda did once see herself as a pop star, but that was years ago and this seems like a mean-spirited attack on a woman to whom he owes a great deal, if not his whole career.” When confronted with the possibility the song was aimed at her, Ghost hit back, saying: "I'd hardly have said my dreams were 'crumbling'. James has had one number one hit, but I've since gone on to have two more." Ghost co-wrote Beyoncé Knowles and Shakira's worldwide smash "Beautiful Liar". Meanwhile a representative for Blunt denied that "Annie" was about Miss Ghost. Apparently James makes it a rule never to disclose the inspiration for his music. Eish beautiful liars neh?! It just never ends.

-Gugu Mkhabela Sourced: BangShowbiz; City Pulse

In this week’s We Heard WHAT?: Timbaland offers Britney a lifeline; Metro Fm awards go back to P.E! Tommy Lee and Kid Rock wrestle, James is too Blunt and Jozi keeps it real!

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