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2007-06-12 18:22

Generous stars
It's nice to see local kwaito stars give back. Zola, who is not new to the generosity, is giving away his Chrysler Crossfire in a competition. In an interview with weekend newspaper, he said he hoped somebody from eKasi would win the car.

Also giving away the same car is Mandoza. His record company says that now that his legal problems are over he will focus on more charity work.

Hmm, did they read our latest Four Factor article and feel guilty?

Blowing a Velve
Rock band The Velve have split after recording their album, Selling Skin. The album was produced by Theo Crous (of SNG and Kobus!). The question is: did they sell enough albums (about 5000 copies) to pay him? Or will the album title take on greater significance than they ever planned? Read all about the dangers of recording contracts here.

Prince won't sing with Jacko
Prince has refused Michael Jackson's offer of a joint tour. Michael allegedly begged Prince to perform a string of concerts with him to help him re-launch his career. But Prince told Michael he wasn't interested, as he already has plans for his own tour later this year.

You'd think Prince was doing this to stand up against child abuse or to prove that he is different from Michael. But sources claim Prince was concerned that the hype surrounding Michael's comeback would over-shadow the concerts, and he wasn't prepared to be Michael’s support act. Basically, he said no because he was jealous.

Mafikizolo and Bongo Maffin off to UK
Afro-pop groups Mafikizolo and Bongo Maffin are set to perform at two venues in the UK later this month. Both groups are not new to European exposure as they have enjoyed popularity in Africa and abroad. They'll be in London on June 22 and in Coventry on June 23. Let's hope Mafikizolo's stuff doesn't go missing again, like it did on their last London trip.

Spice stealing Mel C's "Thunder"?
Mel C, who's just released This Time, a follow up to her critically slated Boring Spice... no wait, the album was actually called Reason... anyhow! She's whining that the Spice Girls' legacy is ruining her career.

"Every time a story comes up I have to deny it. There are no plans for a Spice Girls tour that I am aware of. I saw Emma and Geri a few weeks ago and of course we talk about the rumours and things that are going on, but it's the last thing on everybody's mind at the moment, so it's frustrating for me. The Spice Girls was a phenomenon and it's part of British pop history and I'm very, very proud to be part of that. But sometimes I just think, 'Oh please go away, you're stealing my thunder.'"

Thunder? Wimper, more like. Isn't the Spice Girls the only reason she has a music career in the first place? Her new album This Times (as in "maybe this time someone will buy the CD) is out now.

- Review: What we thought of This Time, plus, song clips from the CD. Steve Tyler fears fat
Steve Tyler is terrified of getting too fat to fit into his leather trousers. The Aerosmith frontman is permanently on a diet because he loves being skinny.

Steve, 59, said in an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, "I have to watch what I eat because I have this ongoing nightmare that I'm going to put on weight and end up looking like some of the other rock stars of a certain age who bounce around the stage. You look at them and think, 'Oh my God, what happened to you? How did you let yourself get like that?'

Steve’s famous quote, which he lives by is, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” Steve said, "I don't eat regularly during the day and in the evening I tend to stick to wild salmon and broccoli. Every night before I get into bed, I do 250 sit-ups - religiously."

Steve, you’re such a girl!

Kelly Rowland talks to her shoes
Kelly Rowland, the former Destiny's Child singer, told Britain's You magazine, "I'm obsessive about shoes! It's actually really sick, because I have a whole shoe closet about this big, from here to here, and I actually talk to my shoes - that's weird right? Well, I love shoes, and when I get a new pair I introduce one lady to the rest of the ladies."

The 26-year-old is obsessively tidy and has revealed her former band mate Beyonce Knowles is very messy, so Kelly was always tidying up after her. She said, "Beyonce's a Virgo but she's so not tidy! It drove me nuts. Michelle's not tidy either, so I would actually get on their nerves because I was picking up everything, saying 'Come on, honey, your shoes; put them in this corner of the bus.' I'm a neat freak."

Yawn. Perhaps the shoes are roughly on an equal IQ level to our KayRo.

The Police comeback tour a disaster
The Police drummer Stewart Copeland branded the band's second comeback performance a complete "disaster".

Copeland sad, "This is unbelievably lame. We are the mighty Police and we are totally at sea. I banged my gong at the wrong time so the big pompous opening to the show was a damp squib. It usually takes about four or five shows in a tour before you get to the disaster gig. But we're The Police so we are a little ahead of schedule."

But what Copeland didn’t say was that the concert, played in front of 20,000 fans, got off to a rocky start when he tripped as he took the stage. Apparently, the Copeland, the guitarist Andy Summers and bassist-and-vocalist Sting were "half a bar out of sync" during their classic hit “Message in a Bottle”.

Copeland also said Sting's attempts to leap in the air during “Synchronicity II” left the singer looking "like a petulant pansy instead of a god of rock".

Their world tour is scheduled to run until early next year, with concerts due to take place across the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, Latin America and New Zealand. But with this kind of bitching backstage, how long will they cope with each other?

Gwen’s crew has to give up their drugs
Gwen Stefani's tour crew were warned to get rid of all drugs before crossing the border into Canada. Gwen performed in Atlantic City, the latest leg of her 'The Sweet Escape Tour', and her crew were issued a stern warning about taking illegal substances across the border for their next stop in Montreal on Tuesday.

Signs backstage read, "clean out contraband", clearly indicating that authorities would not turn a blind eye. Imagine the party they had loading up their gear.

Meanwhile, Gwen took time out from her hectic tour schedule to celebrate son Kingston's first birthday on Saturday. A crew source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "We had cake, and he was playing with all the band members. It was a lot of fun. The people here are what really make this tour great." Sure they are!

- Annel Malan

Bands who struggle to pay back their production fees may literally end up "Selling Skin". While Mel C says the Spice Girls are stealing her thunder. Get all the latest music news and gossip here.

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