Who is Chaim Pimpsky?

2008-11-14 17:42
For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Mr Pimpsky, he is the man credited with unearthing the first Yetti remains in a remote forest near Outer Mongolia in 1919.

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- Who is Chaim Pimpsky? (broadband)
- Who is Chaim Pimpsky? (broadband-ish)

Born in Lithuania in the later part of the last century, Pimpsky is a man educated in both the street and the hallowed halls of academia, Having graduated with a double come louder, from the respected University of Prague , Pimpsky went on to be respected as one of the greatest minds of his generation.

Having lectured in advanced Astro -physics and Anthropology, Pimpsky’s most celebrated work can be found in the Esoterica science journal dated April 16, 1932. Here Pimpsky makes the startling claim that Monolithic caveman is the predecessor of what we know as Homosapien or Modern man.

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- In the Beginning
Pimpsky's assertion was, that this "primitive man", was in fact far more advanced than modern man, displaying a far greater level of social awareness and moral fibre. Monolithic caveman was the true modern man, and the Homosapien a crude animal that was doomed to destroy itself through self indulgence and selfish behaviour.

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- Monolithic Caveman (broadband)
- Monolithic Caveman (broadband-ish)

Never allowing sleeping hogs to die, Pimpsky continued to challenge social norms. His next essay titled "Pragmatic analysis of the Piggy bank" was the straw that sent the camel trucking. After this, his twenty third and most controversial work, Pimpsky disappeared to a remote cobbled town north of the Italian border. It is there he spent the last 40 years. Keeping bee's and learning to make jam.

Pimpsky's return to the public forum must be celebrated, his short introduction on the above mentioned Under the Poetree is both succinct and enlightening. In these troubled and tumultuous times, we truly can only entrust ourselves into the hand of such a wise elder.

Pimpsky on Contemplating the Art of Now
"Struck by the inimitable force of a simple thought, I was projected through time, finding myself in an old place, one I thought was done and forgotten, I wondered how it was that I had arrived there again, the answer lay somewhere in this ancient script. Titled "Contemplating the Art of now" . Composed by a quorum of wise Yeti's deep in the caves of the now infamous Zagros mountains, I first had to translate it from the ancient language of Yooti ( pronounced you tie). Spoken now, only by an autistic cashier at a Wallmart in Illinois and a 90 year old Chimp at the San Diego Zoo. Against all odds i have set off to solve one of life's greatest mysteries. How do i find the here and now, and stay there? ooops, its gone again........

Take a peek at Pimpsky's Photo 'diary' shot at the House of Love and Jazz

courtesy of Tones of Note Music

Comparable only, to the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes Chaim Pimpsky has stunned fans and critics alike. His re-emergence into the public forum on the soon-to-be-released album Under the Poetree by South African musician and producer Rus Nerwich is hailed as one of the most exciting happenings of 2008, second only to the election of America's first black president.

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