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Ike Moriz - What A Wonderful World

Classy Cape Town crooner serenades us with a smooth jazzy rendition of Louis Armstrong's beautiful ballad. Off his 8th studio album entitled 'Blue Moon'.
Jeannie Dee 2010/02/19 12:25
Unbelievably beautiful. What an incredible voice...
biggie babe 2010/02/19 12:59
This one made my day! Thank you!!!! x0x
Gunborg 2010/02/19 13:25
Just downloaded it. It's very different from Louis Armstrong's version which has always been my all time favorite. This version of Ike's is lovely too though with a different feel. Great vocals and nice piano!
Michaela 2010/02/19 13:48
Another amazing album. This is my fav track!!!!!!!
Marissa 2010/02/19 16:17
I love this version. It is very minimalist and strong. It really brings out Ike's beautiful voice.
Dino 2010/02/19 16:26
John Britz 2010/02/19 17:32
I really enjoyed listening to Ike singing this song which is one of my favourites. I look forward to getting the album.
Fran 2010/02/20 11:50
We've downloaded it too - you smoothie -it sounds great!
Loise Azaa 2010/02/20 11:53
What a wonderful music :)
Susan 2010/02/20 11:54
I had goose Bumps all over my body.
Lisa McCoy 2010/02/22 10:26
What a wonderful song to start the week with!
Lisa McCoy 2010/02/22 10:26
What a wonderful song to start the week with!
Landi 2010/02/22 12:30
Roxanne 2010/03/01 09:44
What a lovely arrangement. Such an amazing song. I love the warmth of Ike's voice xxx
Sandy Bailey 2010/03/01 16:25
It's beautiful
Victoria 2010/03/02 12:58
Lekker vocals!!!!
Gary Rottman 2010/03/26 07:54
Like it a lot!!!
Roger Pires 2010/03/26 07:56
Great track
Chris De Nuys 2010/03/26 07:57
Lovely song
Jean-François Basque 2010/03/26 07:59
Wonderful song
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