Winston's Jive Mixup - Table Mountain

Winston's Jive Mixup evolved in 1986 when Mbaqanga saxophonist Winston Nyaunda joined up with Adam Reinecke, a folky groove guitarist to form a new Jive band. Together with Hammond-Organist Sipho Duma steeped in Zulu traditional Maskande music, trombonist Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder, violinist Melissa James and ex-Dynamics drummer Steve Howells they produce this slow funk-jazz groove.
dave 2010/10/22 3:01 AM
can you help clarify something for me mate! in 1985-6-7 i was close to winston, adam and walk tall, we'd book up gigs at jamesons and university and living close to adams off rocky street, i would be there every day, rolling joints, singing and dancing away, collecting money on the door of the gigs. when maggie thatcher put forward sanctions i lost my work permit and had to go back to the uk, i lost contact with the guys. are they still playing? if i came to visit S.A now id really like to meet up with them. if you have any info on them id appriciate an email. and info on albums i could buy cheers mate dave
Maggie Nyaunda 2013/12/06 2:58 PM
Hi Dave, I am Winston Nyaunda's daughter you can email me on so we can talk.
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