7 questions with Joseph from The Temper Trap

2016-08-11 11:37

Cape Town – Australian band The Temper Trap rose to fame with their debut album, Conditions, in June 2009. 

The disc included their breakout single Sweet Disposition, which has been featured on many TV shows and movies since. 

The band has since released a self-titled album in 2011, which was also well received. 

Now, the four-piece have released a third full length album, titled Thick as Thieves.

We gave Joseph Greer, guitarist in the band, a call and asked what their next single will be and when they plan on coming to SA. 

Here’s the interview: 

Where are we reaching you today?
I am coming home from Andover actually; currently in a cab. 

It’s been about five years since between your albums, what has changed within the band in terms of musical direction?
Well, we had a line-up change with one member (Lorenzo Sillitto) leaving, we’re down to a four piece so that’s different. Musically we wanted this album to be more guitar based, really putting emphasis on a heavier sound. 

You can really hear that on a song like Alive, which is very guitar driven.
Yeah, thanks for saying that, it was exactly what we were going for. 

You’re about to fly to Japan soon on tour, along with a whole bunch of other countries, what do you like about touring? 
Touring is the best part of it (being a band). Getting to travel and see the world is amazing as well as being on stage and performing. It really is the best. 

The band recently did a fantastic cover of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s song Multi-Love. Can you tell us more about how it came about? 
Well, on the show, everyone does a cover so we had to pick one and because we’re big fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra we picked that song. And then we funked it up without trying really, just by jamming together. I decided to play the piano riff from the song on guitar. 

The Temper trap’s videos, like the one for Fall Together are always cinematic and amazing to watch. Can you tell us what the next single and video from the album will be?
Actually different territories have different singles coming out so I’m not sure what’s coming for South Africa. But it could be Lost, so keep an eye out for that. 

Do you plan on coming to SA anytime soon? 
We’re trying for next year, maybe, but there’s a lot of logistics that have to be worked out. So we’re not sure yet. 

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