Amy Winehouse's dad slams inquest

2013-01-09 17:32
Los Angeles - Mitch Winehouse has slammed the coroner's office "idiots" following a second inquest into his daughter Amy's death.

The showbiz patriarch did not attend the investigation on Tuesday into the Back to Black singer's passing in July 2011 and said he was unsurprised that a verdict of death by misadventure had been upheld.

The second inquest was held after it emerged deputy assistant coroner Suzanne Greenaway - who concluded the investigation in October 2011 - was not properly qualified and Mitch slammed officials for their "fuck up".

He wrote on his Twitter account: "Thanks for your kind messages today. The idiots at the coroners office fucked up but we are fine."

'It was horrible'

Following the first inquest, the coroner's report was sent to the wrong address.

Mitch said: "It was a massive cock up. They messed up twice. It is preposterous.

"It is the same evidence so it was bound to reach the same conclusion. What other conclusion could they reach?"

The 61-year-old showbiz patriarch admitted the first hearing, which he attended with Amy's mother Janis, 57, was "horrible" so he had had no intention of attending the second.

He said: "I wasn't going to put my family through that, it was horrible. That is the end of the story."

The first coroner had been wrongfully appointed by her husband, Dr Andrew Reid, who has now resigned from his post as the area's senior coroner, with his spouse also stepping down.


  • kevin.nicklin - 2013-01-09 18:45

    Is it just me or is this article riddled with swear words? People complain about the youth having fowl mouths but yet articles like these on reputable news sites are available for the youth to read and think its acceptable to converse in such dialect. I can appreciate that the man being reported on was being quoted but come on, lets discover our moral decency again and not repeat such language.

  • Michael Hawthorne - 2013-01-09 18:55

    Same as with the Double Booking article. The dead is not hear to defend themselves. A court cannot trail a dead person I think this should apply to all of the dead. Unless foul play is suspected. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Michael Hawthorne - 2013-01-09 19:01

    Also the media thrives on this sensationalism this type of sensationalism is bull please I don't need this type of entertainment to forget about the problems we face. I will not be distracted from the real issues.

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