Beyoncé holds minute silence for Trayvon

2013-07-15 16:34
Chris Talbott
Nashville, Tennessee - Beyoncé called in a concert for a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin, rapper Young Jeezy released a song in Martin's memory and Russell Simmons called for peace after George Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida jury in the death of the teenager.

There was a wide range of reactions by celebrities after jurors cleared Zimmerman late on Saturday of all charges in the 2012 shooting death of the unarmed 17-year-old black teenager.

Beyoncé took a moment to honour Martin during her Mrs Carter Show World Tour concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Her concert started about 30 minutes after the Zimmerman verdict began to circulate.

"I'd like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon," the pop star said as the stage grew dark with just a few key lights shining.

Poignant responses

Beyoncé then sang the chorus of I Will Always Love You, a song, fittingly given the location, written by country music star Dolly Parton and brought to a global audience by the late Whitney Houston, before transitioning into her hit Halo.

It was just one of several reactions from celebrities and artists following Zimmerman's acquittal by a six-woman jury. Much of it focused on the perceived outrage of the situation. But others had more poignant responses.

Young Jeezy posted a new song, It's a Cold World (A Tribute to Trayvon Martin), to his Facebook page with a comment: "I am in no way shape, form, or fashion ... trying to capitalise off of the latest series of events. These are my true feelings and my form of expression about it."

'Challenge these horrible laws'

Simmons, a hip hop producer and entrepreneur, posted a blog entry that said he'd be supporting the Trayvon Martin Foundation in helping to repeal laws like Florida's Stand Your Ground law which allows people to use deadly force if they believe their lives are in danger. He signed off, "God bless you little brother. Rest in peace."

He also called for those upset with the verdict to channel their energy away from violence on Twitter, telling followers "we must remain peaceful. No matter what, remain peaceful."

For the most part, it appeared protesters did so with few reports of damage late on Saturday and early Sunday in Tallahassee, Florida, Atlanta and California.

"If u have any anger this evening," Simmons wrote on Twitter, "put that energy into challenging these horrible laws that allow overly-anxious neighborhood watchmen to carry guns and shoot innocent people."


  • Russell Cowan - 2013-07-15 17:53 Read this all you racists. It might open your mind about America's racist laws and the prejudice against black people in America.

      TumsDown - 2013-07-15 18:07

      It's not going to work. They love to not love black folk.

      Black B.E.E Diamond - 2013-07-15 18:57

      Oh f##k off varkie you racist. You people are always comapring this with the oj case and are always painting black people as the criinals while protraying white people as saints

      Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 19:25

      Yeh just who is the racist? Shame!!

      Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 19:46

      Varkie.....the black racist will always deny facts. The one thing they will NEVER understand: Truth is not Racist, Facts are not Hate! Want my two cents: inferiority complex (which, by the way, they don't need) just look at the facts with non-racial eyes - how difficult can that be!

      Black B.E.E Diamond - 2013-07-15 19:49 Read this all you racists. It might open your mind about America's racist laws and the prejudice against black people in America.

  • Black B.E.E Diamond - 2013-07-15 18:08

    You ppl on news 24 are hypocrites. Every time a black person kills a white person, you call it murder ans call for his head. But when a white person kills a black person, you call it self defense. I definitely smell racism.

      Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 19:30

      Varkie - Black Diamond's racism is so clouded - he does not even know that Zimmerman is f********king typical. Still amuses me how black people can NEVER be racist........chuck me farlie ...... they should google Bill Crosby's appeal to black people ....maybe if they hear it from their "own" will they take note>

  • renelaunspach.enomoto - 2013-07-15 18:22

    George Zimmerman is HISPANIC not white guys, who is making the racial mistake.......

  • Bongani Nsele - 2013-07-15 18:31

    this thug stalks and shoots down an unarmed teenager boy and gets acquitted of all charges and he smiles at the verdict and says he wants to go and study law after his dastardly deed......this confirms what some of us already know

      Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 19:40

      Bongani - google Wikipedia on the case - go and have a look what zimmerman looked like after martin was finished with him. You guys are really pathetic - really.

      Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 19:48

      ..waiting for your reply, Bongani.....waiting

      Sterling Ferguson - 2013-07-15 20:50

      The Jurors did the right thing base on the evidence that was presented in court. Zimmerman isn't the only person that have slip through the net that could be guilty of crimes. The US prisons are loaded with innocent people,and the guilty people are walking the streets of all colors.

      Sterling Ferguson - 2013-07-15 21:15

      Zimmerman isn't no angel and has been in trouble before so, he shouldn't been allowed to carry a gun. He beat up his girlfriend, and she got a court order put against him. He had a fight with the police and was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was charged for speeding and arrested for this. This man will strike again, and I hope the system can put him away before he takes another life. The justice system played around with Ted Bundy and he went out and killed one hundred young girls. By the way,he was white and didn't fit the profile of a rapist and mass killer. On the other hand Martin didn't have a criminal record, and he is dead.

  • Rocky Bell - 2013-07-15 20:18

    .......and there the girl shows her true "colours" bwahahahhah i.c. - the medical condition they all suffer from. What a joke......

      Micky D Mack - 2013-07-16 20:25

      so what if she has a moment of silence during her concert, she's not breaking any law! or are her fans complaining, doubt it.

  • Sterling Ferguson - 2013-07-15 20:41

    @Varkie, the justice system in the US isn't perfect, there are many people of all races that has slip through the net and are guilty of crimes. There are many innocent people have been sent to prison that are not guilty. The DNA test has been freeing innocent people of all colors sitting on death row waiting to die. Zimmerman should not been allowed to act as an armed policeman because he was untrained to be a policeman. If there was a crime committed, he should have called the trained police. The family of this young man should sue the city for everything they have. Zimmerman should be prosecuted for civil right violations of this man rights.

  • Dumpie du Preez - 2013-07-15 20:57

    Typical from a woman that wore a `pregnancy bump' for months......

  • ian.murray.52459615 - 2013-07-16 20:32

    More idiotic posturing from half white blacks.

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