Blur to launch new tracks via Twitter

2012-06-25 20:10
Los Angeles - Blur will debut two new tracks over Twitter.

The Parklife hitmakers - who will perform at an Olympic Games closing show in London's Hyde Park on 12 August - will premiere two new songs, Under The Westway  and The Puritan next Monday via a live video stream on the social media platform.

Singer Damon Albarn said: "I wrote these songs for Hyde Park and I'm really excited about getting out there and playing them for people."

The band - which includes Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - will be filmed live from a secret UK location.

The first song will be broadcast globally on at 18:15 with an exclusive band interview, followed by the second track at 19:15.

Tony Wang, Twitter's UK General Manager explained: "People all over the world are connecting with the musicians they love on Twitter.

"Blur are taking this idea even further by debuting two new songs through a live stream and having a direct conversation with their fans on the platform."

'It would be very different'

Both songs will be available to download after the live stream and a limited edition double-A side seven-inch single will be released on 6 August.

It has been speculated the Girls and Boys  hitmakers are to record a new album, their first since 2003's Think Tank . Damon has recently said the group's sound would be "very different" to their 90s Britpop heyday.

He said:"There's been, for everybody, an awful lot of water under the bridge, so if we were to do anything - although there are no plans - it would be interesting to see where it would arrive at, because it would be very different, I imagine."