Bon Jovi CT: All you need to know

2013-05-06 15:18
Cape Town - Big Concerts have released transport information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Cape Town leg of Bon Jovi's South African tour on Tuesday, 7 May at the Cape Town Stadium.

Fans are urged to take note of the rules and instructions listed below to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the day.

Bon Jovi FAQs for the Cape Town concert:

1. Gates open at 17:00. Please arrive early to avoid queues. Opening act starts at 19:45 and main act at 21:00 until 23:00.

2. If you have a GOLDEN CIRCLE STANDING ticket enter through the gates at Granger Bay Boulevard into Fort Wynyard (P2) parking, follow the signage.

3. If you have a GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ticket enter through turnstiles 12-18 on Granger Bay Boulevard.

4. If you have a SEATED ticket you must enter through either the Main Turnstiles 1 –11 at McDonalds or North Turnstiles 19 to 22 off Beach Road.

5. If you bought your tickets online (print at home) please make sure you print out your E-ticket, fold it as indicated on the ticket prior to arriving at the event to avoid creasing and damaging the barcodes, and ensure that you bring your E-ticket with you to the venue as we cannot reprint E-tickets at the venue for safety - and security reasons. Your E-ticket needs to be of high print quality to ensure a positive scan at the venue. Please note we cannot scan tickets off any mobile device.

6. For E-tickets purchased from, please review your printer settings before you print. The document must print to its actual size so that the folding lines print to the edge of the paper. If the document is fit to print to the paper size it will print the barcode too far away from the edge of the paper, and the barcode scanners at the turnstiles will be unable to read your ticket.

7.  Don't forget to bring with you on the day:
* Tickets
* ID (if you intend to consume alcohol)
* cash (no ATMs on site)
* appropriate clothing for any weather conditions

8. Umbrellas, cameras or recording devices including iPads are NOT permitted.

9. Food and beverage will be available for sale inside the stadium. No alcohol may be brought to the stadium and security will refuse entry into the venue to any persons that are heavily intoxicated.

Transport information

No parking at or near the stadium will be available to the general public. Concert ticket holders are encouraged to:
 - Use Metrorail to the Civic Centre railway station and walk to the Stadium; or
 - Park at the V&A Waterfront and walk to the Stadium

No additional train services have been scheduled before the concert and normal tariffs will apply.
Limited special Metrorail services will be available after the concert.


Metrorail services to and from Cape Town will run as normal before the concert and passengers will be required to be in possession of a valid train ticket.

Train schedules and related information are available from the 24/7 Transport Information Centre's toll-free number 0800 65 64 63, and Cape Metrorail's website.

Limited special train services will be available after the concert and will be free on presentation of a valid concert stub.

MyCiTi bus

Due to the SATAWU bus driver strike, the MyCiTi services for this event cannot be confirmed at this time.

Park and Ride

At Rail Stations

These are situated at or near rail stations and a nominal fee may be applicable at some of these facilities. Please contact the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 for more information.

Location of Park-and-Ride       Operational hours          Parking Fee

Fish Hoek                                   Unrestricted                  A nominal fee may apply at the beach

Monte Vista                                Unrestricted                  A nominal fee is applicable

Goodwood                                 24/7                             A nominal fee is applicable

Century City Station             From 14:00 until 30 minutes     R20 per vehicle

                                     after the last train has left the station  


Parking restrictions will be enforced in the residential areas adjacent to Cape Town Stadium from 00:00 to 24:00 (midnight) on 7 May 2013 including on Main Road.

Motorists are advised to obey the signage. Normal restrictions and charges apply to kerbside parking in the CBD for a weekday.

People with disabilities:

1. Dedicated parking has been allocated on Vlei Road, park P5, for those attendees with disabilities. Only people with an official disability permit from the City will be allowed to park in this dedicated parking area.

2. Ticket holders must formally request access to the parking bays dedicated to people with disabilities by sending an e-mail to

3. Concertgoers will have to provide evidence that they are entitled to these parking bays by clearly displaying the Vehicle Access Permit (VAP) in full colour on their dashboard when entering the parking area (P5) on Vlei Road. Failure to display will result in access being denied.

4. Enquiries regarding the limited parking within the stadium for people with disabilities must be emailed to

5. Parking for people with disabilities is issued at the discretion of the event organiser and is subject to availability.

For more road closures and more information visit Big Concert's website.


  • - 2013-05-06 15:41

    I am completely bummed my tickets got stolen :( so Im missing the concert. I have all his CDs and Dvds just have to wait forvthe release of this Dvd

      Peter Gibbs - 2013-05-06 16:14

      Don't worry,I heard he is not here.

      Trish Adi Brits - 2013-05-06 16:34

      His? or Their?... it is after all a Bon Jovi concert.

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