EXCLUSIVE: Our surreal 10 minute chat with Ciara

2015-09-22 11:38

Cape Town – It’s Monday 12:10 and we’ve just put in an early morning shift to do live Emmy updates. But none of that matters now as I sit patiently waiting in one of the meeting rooms for a call.

The phone rings.

I clear my throat and try to control my heartbeat before answering.

“Hi Leandra, it’s Sam, from Sony music please hold while I connect you to Ciara.”

And at that moment it finally hits me. I’m about to have a chat with a Grammy winning songstress.

Ciara has been a consistent throughout her career and has just released her sixth studio album, Jackie. She's also completed her first headline tour in six years and she’s a new mom.

“Leandra, I have Ciara on the line for you,” says Sam.

(Try not to fangirl, I say to myself).

Channel24: Hi Ciara, thanks for taking the time to chat to me.

Ciara: Hello, it’s nice to chat to you.

Channel24: You’ve shown us a vulnerable side of you on your new album. Why did you think the time was right to show this side of you?

Ciara: You know it was just the natural process of life. I started working on this album while I was pregnant with my son and then finished it after having him. Life inspired me. I changed during the process. I grew and I wanted that to reflect in my work. I really pushed myself on this album and I truly believe that this is my best body of work to date.

Channel24: You named the album after your mom, what’s the best advice she has ever given you?

Ciara: My mom has taught me so many valuable things. Never take your gift for granted, it’s not for free, believe in it. That’s the best piece of advice she has given me.

Channel24: What song on your album perfectly sums up the phase in your life you’re at right now?

Ciara: One Woman Army.

Channel24: That’s one of my favourite songs on the album I especially like that drum interlude!

Ciara: Ah, thank you!

Channel24: You feature Joe Jonas on the remix of I Bet, how did that come about?

Ciara: Joe and I were on a TV show together and we became good friends. During that time the single had just been released and Joe would sing it all the time. He loved the song, and he sounded amazing. I asked him if he would like to do a remix with me. He said yes and we went to the studio and worked on his verse. It was just an organic process.  We were very happy about how it turned out.

Channel24: Dance Like We’re Making Love is the latest video music video from your album. How do you keep the balance between sexy and classy?

Ciara: Wow, that’s a huge compliment! I really always try to make videos that allow me to express the song visually. You can try to push the limits and add some edge. I just really try and hope that I don’t go too far though.

Channel24: Your son features on the song, I Got You. What was it like having him in studio?

Ciara: It was awesome. My son is my good luck charm. He’s always with me, even when I’m on the road. He’s my ray of light. It was really special having him there with me while I recorded the song. It makes the song even more special and it is a memory that we will always have.

Channel24: This is a reader question from The C's @TheCsGroup on Twitter. You’ve appeared in two TV films, will you be doing anymore acting?

Ciara: Absolutely! There is so much I want to do and acting is definitely one of it.

Channel24: Another reader question from CHRIS @chrissayssoo_ on Twitter. What’s next for the Jackie album, will you be releasing any more singles?

Ciara: I will be going on tour again in the fall in the States and will be announcing dates soon. I’m also looking on going abroad. There is still a lot of work I want to do for the album.

Channel24: Speaking about touring, do you plan on visiting South Africa anytime soon?

Ciara: (laughs) I definitely have plans to come to South Africa!

Channel24: One last question, what’s next for Ciara?

Ciara: I really love fashion. I’ve recently just started working with Topshop. There’s so much I want to do to expand my brand. The sky’s the limit!

We end the call on a melodic note as she says in a sing-song voice, bye.

(Photos: Sony Music)

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