Exclusive: Watch SA's Got Talent winner Tholwana's lyric music video here!

2015-10-09 20:00

Cape Town - Tholwana Mohale, winner of SA's Got Talent 2014, released her debut single, Hollywood Guy, last month and let's just say we're obsessed with her and her song. 

The music and lyrics were composed by Tholwana herself so we thought we'd catch up with the up-and-coming songstress:

C24: You're only 15 years old, how does it feel to have won SA's Got Talent and to now have your first single out?

Tholwana: It feels incredible! It's been a very exciting journey thus far and I am looking forward to the road ahead as well. A lot has happened this year and I feel like I'm learning every step of the way.

C24: Speaking of your first single,Hollywood Guy, can you tell us a little bit more about the single? #WeLoveIt

Tholwana: Thank you! There was a guy at my old school that I had a huge crush on. We were just friends but all my friends were rooting for us to get together. I didn't tell him or anyone I liked him. I decided to rather express my emotions though my music. I was sitting in my room one evening and the chorus just came to me. I started writing the verses but I didn't finish the song right there and then. The second half of the song is actually about someone new that I met here in Johannesburg! The track has taught me that sometimes things just don't work out, but they lead you to better things.

Hollywood Guy is pretty much about finding that special person in your life.

C24: Describe your style of music?

Tholwana: Definitely pop, but with an edge! I'm experimenting with a couple of ideas at this stage and getting back into studio this weekend, so I'm excited for that.

C24: What are your influences? And what music styles do you listen to?

Tholwana: I listen to a mix of genres, but I love a good Top 40 hit! Beyoncé is a big inspiration and influence and I look up to her in a big way.


C24: Who are your favourite artists, local/internationally?

Tholwana: Do I need to mention Beyoncé again? Locally there is a lot of great stuff out right now. I love Ross Jack (who co-produced my single with Alex Parker), I'm a big fan of Johnny Apple too. I'm constantly influenced by my surroundings in Johannesburg and the music industry is really booming here, so I look forward to discovering more artists as I get deeper into my career.

C24: How do you balance going to school, writing exams and being an up-and-coming star?

Tholwana: It's a bit of a challenge, but I do my best, and with the support of friends, family and the label, I manage to cope. I've made peace with the fact that I lead an unusual life and it drives me in a way.

C24: What is your end goal for your career?

Tholwana: To be able to inspire, empower and motivate people. I hope my music will help people get through both good and bad times in their lives.


C24: Tell us something we don't already know about you (embarrassing moment, silly obsessions, favourite food)

Tholwana: Very few people know that I'm a drama major at the NSA, actually! I started early this year and moved from home to Johannesburg to pursue that along with my music. As for embarrassing moments, I’m sure something will pop up soon.

C24: You sing about a Hollywood crush, so who is your real life celeb crush?

Tholwana: No real crush right now, for now I'm enjoying the Hollywood Guys in my new lyric video! I really appreciate them sending in their selfies for the video.

And with that, check out the cuties in Tholwana's lyric video below:

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