FBI urged to release Michael Jackson files

2013-07-01 17:41
Los Angeles - Michael Jackson's child abuse accuser wants the FBI to release damning documents claiming he molested other children.

Choreographer Wade Robson - who has filed a lawsuit against the late King of Pop's estate, alleging he was subject to years of abuse by Michael - has reportedly asked his lawyers to contact the FBI about secret files which suggest the singer paid $35m to silence other abuse victims.

The 30-year-old dancer hopes to bolster his lawsuit, which has been met with scepticism due to Wade's denial that he was molested by Michael - who died in 2009 - during the singer's 2005 child abuse trial, by teaming up with other supposed victims whose families were paid to keep quiet by the Thriller star.

Michael 'paid off' the families

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Wade knows that if he stands shoulder to shoulder with another accuser, he might be viewed more sympathetically. He feels his case could be helped if he could get another child or even more to come out and accuse Michael of similar crimes.

"It has been over 20 years, but right now his prime concern is to build a case to show the world he is in the right."

The news comes after a British newspaper uncovered documents compiled by private investigator Anthony Pellicano, which reportedly show that Michael paid the families of 24 boys varying sums of money for their silence.

Pellicano was hired by the singer to track down the victims' families and arrange payments. He is thought to have kept detailed reports about his illicit actions, which were seized by the FBI in a 2002 raid.

The troubling documents did not come to light during Michael's infamous 2005 trial, in which he was cleared of molesting a then-13-year-old Gavin Arvizo.


  • Israel Shabbat - 2013-07-01 17:55

    I like Michael Jackson as an artist, especially the Billie Jean, Thriller area. But oh boy, as a human being he was sick in the head. And it's also deplorable to see how his family is relentlessly trying to profit from his death. See the shocking pics of Paris and Prince Jackson posing with French crook Julian Franck Rouas to promote the illegal Jackson Tribute Fragrances... Http://jacksontributefragrances.blogspot.com

  • Mike Cambier - 2013-07-01 18:23

    if the FBI took the so called files in 2002 , why did they not release them for the trial in 2005 ? its all about money again , remember he is unfortunately worth more now..... than when he was alive .

  • Funkatron - 2013-07-01 19:44

    Agreed Mike, it all seems a bit too convenient that now suddenly these records exist!

  • Piera Lila MJ Montanaro - 2013-07-01 21:27


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