Highest paid artist per minute named

2011-11-11 22:07
Los Angeles - Beyoncé Knowles has been named the highest earning entertainer by the minute in the world.

The Love on Top singer topped a poll by social media website saucytime.com by earning £1.25m for a five-song performance at a private New Year's Eve 2010 party on the island of St Barts, equating to £71 040 (R905 063) for each minute she was on the stage.

In second place was Mariah Carey, who earned £630 000 - or £44 400 per minute - for a four-song set at a similar party held the previous year on the same Caribbean island.

Third highest earner per minute was Kylie Minogue, who commanded £33 000 every sixty seconds – or £2m for her whole hour set – when she sung at the launch party of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, November 2008.

Top-paying birthday parties

Next was Jennifer Lopez, who received the equivalent of £25 000 a minute from Russian tycoon Andrei Meinichenko to appear at his wife's birthday party in 2007.

Jennifer narrowly beat The Rolling Stones who rounded out the top five by making £2.2m in 2002 from an hour and a half set for Texan billionaire David Bonderman's 60th birthday, the equivalent of £24 242 per minute.

Saucytime.com - which charges users just £2 a minute for its services - also calculated the next five highest earners per minute to be Eminem at £16 666, Usher and Christina Aguilera tied in seventh place with £10 441, Rihanna earning £8 333 in ninth place and Cheryl Cole completing the top ten by commanding £4 167 per minute for an hour-long private concert in Venice this February.