Hip Hop Indaba hits the Mother City

2011-08-04 10:08
Waldo Müller
Cape Town - The annual African Hip Hop Indaba, South Africa's biggest Hip Hop event, takes places in Cape Town at the weekend.

It was established in 2000 by Heal the Hood, a non-profit organisation that campaigns for youth empowerment and job creation through art.

The organisation uses hip hop to foster self-pride and to offer a better way of life, away from gang membership and drug addiction.

Heal the Hood started on the Cape Flats and is led by Emile Jansen of Black Noise, who with Profits of Da City (PoC) are hailed as pioneers of local hip hop

The Indaba represents hip hop as an entirety: DJ skills, rap, dance, graffiti art and beatboxing.

Alternative to gangsterism

Contestants at the African Hip Hop Indaba will compete to represent South Africa in international hip-hop competitions. For many, and not only for the winners, this is an opportunity to rise above difficult socio-economic circumstances.

This form of hip hop does not share the superficial mentality of commercial hip hop and transcends gang iconography, materialism and sexism seen in American hip-hop videos. Real hip hop is an alternative to gangsterism rather than a breeding ground for it.

Heal the Hood brings a healing alternative to broken communities through hip hop.

The African Hip Hop Indaba starts Friday at 20:00 at the Platinum Lounge, 88 Shortmarket Street and Saturday from 12:00 till late at the Good Hope Centre. Tickets are R50 per day, and R60 at the door. For more info call 021 706 0481.


  • waldo.h.muller - 2011-08-04 17:32

    Note from author of this article, Waldo Muller: this translation (from Afrikaans) contains some errors which I am not responsible for. Nobody will be "commemorated" at the event and commercial hip-hip does not transcend gang iconography. For my original story, see: http://www.dieburger.com/Vermaak/Nuus/Hip-hoppers-op-fees-kan-so-uitstyg-20110804

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