Jan Blohm show canned after drunk antics

2011-12-12 15:16
Amy Johnson
Cape Town - A Jan Blohm concert held at Dorpstraat Theatre in Stellenbosch on Sunday ended on a sour note for a fan from Muizenberg.

Anton Pretorius and his girlfriend were "very excited" to watch Blohm's show on Sunday when the owner of the theatre ended the performance after the fourth song.

Around 30 people attended the show and tickets were sold at R70 each.

"He (Blohm) doesn't play in the Cape often, so we looked forward to the show," Pretorius told Nuus24.

"When he came on stage you could see that he was swinging a little. It was clear that he was still drunk from the previous evening."

'Very awkward'

According to Pretorius, the first song Blohm sang sounded bad and he played the wrong guitar chords in some places.

"The second and third song was better and he started warming up nicely and started coming together."

Michelle Nolte, co-owner of Dorpstraat, interrupted Blohm's performance during the fourth song, according to Pretorius, and said that she's going to cancel the show.

According to Pretorius, Nolte said: "Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately I am going to end the show, and (can) not allow that Jan humiliates himself and my business any further. We will not ask the R70 cover charge, and you are still welcome to stay and enjoy the afternoon, but I will not allow Jan to continue his performance."

"Jan was on the stage and it was very awkward. He wasn't sure what was going on. Jan was very shocked and it was evident on his face. I think Nolte could've handled the situation better."

No further comment

Pretorius said two "older" people walked out, but no one else complained.

"She (Nolte) just thought of the people who walked out and not the people who appreciate him," Pretorius said.

"It was a big embarrassment for Jan Blohm and for the audience who would've liked to see Jan perform."

Nolte confirmed to Nuus24 that she ended the show, but refused to comment further.

"We have respect for the artist and we don't want to take the situation any further than it went yesterday (Sunday)."

Zinta Kymdell, Blohm's wife, also didn't want to comment.

"We're cool with the venue and have sorted things out. We do not want any further stories," she said.



  • Deon - 2011-12-12 15:30

    Not the first time and probably not the last time either. Sad.

  • Hentie - 2011-12-12 16:15

    Watched his show past Friday at Die Boer in Durbanville, exact same story. His past shows that I've watched has been excellent!, but I stayed on Friday because it was entertaining in a different way.

  • annadie - 2011-12-12 16:45

    Not surprised at all. He once at Dorpstraat got onto the stage during SOMEONE ELSE'S performance, grabbed a guitar and started singing. His wife escorted him off stage... Its sad - he is a complete alcoholic, plus clearly taking drugs with the dilated pupils...

  • Pierre - 2011-12-13 08:19

    Seems like an overreaction. One would think that if all but two people still wanted to watch then continue the show. The theatre owners could afterwards have discussed the situation with him, maybe not allowing him to play there for some time, but discuss it in private. I used to drive in from Cape Town to shows at this Theatre/Restaurant and I would have been a bit p’ed off if a show was just stopped few songs in.

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