Jax Panik's explosive new track

2013-06-21 11:13
London – The masked Jax Panik teamed up with DeaderThatDisco to work on a project called K/DZ in London, and released the new track Haters on Tuesday. They had hits like Cigarettes and Cinnamon, Russian Roulette and Dinosaur, but the pop-parody Jax are recreating themselves once again with the K/DZ collective.

Haters is like an electro pop explosion with the typical vocal sounds that Jax Panik is known for, and changes beats throughout the song. Have a listen below.

“The K/DZ band will be unified by a collective gang image and ethos. This will be revealed as we go along. The project itself will be flexible. Members might come and go. In the end it won’t really matter who’s in the music video or on stage – it’s all about the music,” said Jax in an interview with JacarandaFM.

Jax Panik has won two SAMAs, one for his producer role on the successful Toya Delazy’s debut album, and Best Pop Album for his 2011 I Am Jax Panik album. He has also been a supporting act for David Guetta, Akon and Sean Kingston.