Justin Timberlake teases new track

2013-07-12 22:00
Los Angeles - Justin Timberlake has debuted a new track called Take Back The Night.

The singer released a cryptic trailer for the second part of his The 20/20 Experience - which will be released on 30 September, six months after the first record - in which he included a snippet of what may be the lead single.

The black and white video shows Justin holding up a series of placards outside a music venue with the name of his 20/20 singles on them, including Suit & Tie and Mirrors, followed by their release date.

The 32-year-old hitmaker then brandishes a sign reading Take Back The Night - but the next placard is blurred, keeping fans guessing as to its exact release.

Justin then whirls around and disappears through a curtain into the club as a few seconds of the retro-sounding song play.

Back in favour with YouTube

Excited fans took to YouTube to comment after watching the 50 second clip, with most posting comments along the lines of "Cant wait!!!!!! (sic)".

Many also suggested the new track sounded better than Justin's comeback single Suit & Tie, which was considered a departure from his usual style.

Several appeared confused by the logic of the video, musing that maybe Take Back The Night would be the album title rather than a song since Tunnel Vision didn't make an appearance.

One fan wrote: "Where's Tunnel Vision?? It's the new single."

Justin is back in favour with YouTube after the video sharing site temporarily removed his raunchy new Tunnel Vision video from their server.

Despite topless models conflicting with their strict no-nudity policy, Google have decided to make an exception because it is presented in an "artistic context".

Justin is headlining the Yahoo! Wireless festival alongside Jay-Z this weekend in London, with the pair set for the first date in their Legends of the Summer tour on Sunday.

Watch the video clip here: