Kelly Rowland: Gay fans give me strength

2011-12-28 22:15

Los Angeles - Kelly Rowland finds "strength" in the gay community.

The former Destiny's Child singer took to the stage at London nightclub G-A-Y to support her ousted X Factor contestant Sophie Habibis earlier this year, and was overwhelmed with the crowd reaction, something she finds helps her grow as a person.

Almost teared up

She said: "My gay fans are the reason I'm here, you know what I mean. For me, the gay community provides so much strength and I really say this with from the heart.

"There is so much unconditional love, and I appreciate that it has been so amazing. When I went to G-A-Y I was so overwhelmed with the love that I almost teared up."

Kelly is well known for her dancefloor anthems, and she admits she has been inspired by early 90s dance classics.

She said: "What kind of music do I like? For me, I like early 90s dance right now. It's just so cool and I've been into it for just a minute but yeah. I love it. It's so cool."