Kurt Cobain biopic to 'embody' late muso

2013-01-08 18:15
Los Angeles - Brett Morgan's film about Kurt Cobain will be an "embodiment of his character".

The director has been making a feature based on the late Nirvana frontman's life with his widow, Courtney Love, for the past five years and hopes it will capture all the different parts of the singer's personality.

He told NME magazine: "It'll be an embodiment of his character. If you think about Kurt, he's a contradiction. He could be sincere and sentimental, and also ironic and sarcastic.

"He was sweet and sour. He was incredibly funny too. The film has to reflect his spirit. The thing about him people might not know too is that he was an incredible visual artist and left behind a treasure chest of comic books, paintings, Super8 films, all sorts."

Pink Floyd inspiration

Brett also aims to be "ambitious" with his film style and is taking inspiration from Pink Floyd's 1982 film The Wall, which saw the band's album of the same name play over a cartoon depicting the songs and showing the construction and eventual demolition of a huge dividing wall.

He added: "We're hoping the Cobain film, that'll hopefully be released in 2014, will be this generation's The Wall - a mix of animation and live action that'll allow the audience to experience Kurt in a way they never have before. It's very ambitious."

Kurt took his own life in 1994 after struggling with heroin addiction, illness and depression.


  • fullfrontal.cortex - 2013-01-08 18:56

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  • MichaelRayStockton - 2013-01-10 09:40

    I look forward to seeing your work of Art with Cobain's memorabilia. Memories they take you back like it was yesterday. I think that's wonderful what you are doing sharing a part of Kurt his soul his spirit as you say. I will do the same with my Friend Rome share his soul and spirit with my memories of him my stories our stories we lived it I survived. Rome was not so lucky he passed in 2004 trying to deal with Kurt Cobain being his brother taking prescription drugs to deal with the confusion and questions he had about Kurt. Cobain Lies - The Fall Of Rome

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