Lady Gaga slammed for Princess Di song

2012-06-29 12:03

Los Angeles - Lady Gaga has come under fire for her new song about Princess Diana's death.

The Bad Romance star premiered new track Princess Die in Melbourne, Australia and outraged royal fans with her risque lyrics, which appear to reference the Princess of Wales' tragic death in a Paris car accident in 1997.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, sings: "And wish that I would go / In my rich boyfriend's limo / Right after he proposed / With a 16-carat stone wrapped in rose gold / With the papparazzi all swarming around /So bob head your head for another dead blonde."

Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris, while in a car with her lover Dodi Fayed, and it is rumoured that the Harrods businessman had recently proposed to her.

'They're role models'

The 26-year-old singer's lyrics have been blasted as distasteful, but the singer is no stranger to controversy, having caused outrage by performing in a wheelchair and wearing religious garb in the past.

The singer also says in the song: "I wish that I could cope but I took pills and left a note."

Suicide charities in Australia have slammed the singer's words and are worried about the message she is sending to impressionable fans.

Chris Wagner, communications director for Lifeline, said: "We understand artistic license and we get artistic expression, but celebrities need to recognise that they're role models for young people in the community."

Princess Die is likely to be included on Gaga's next album.

Watch Lady Gaga perform Princess Die here:


  • chris.gill.9849 - 2012-06-29 12:54

    Like Britney Spears, she's just another example of how money doesn't buy class.

      raath - 2012-06-29 17:03

      She should be "Gaga" only - she doesn't deserve the "Lady" part

  • mo.matt.14 - 2012-06-29 13:13

    I don't see the issue with the song. Just because it's about princess Diana does not make it wrong. She DID die and she DID have many secrets. I am sure all of these people shouting about this in SA are the same people that were crying "Freedom of Expression" when Brett Murray was slammed for his Zuma "Spear" painting. She is allowed to sing or say what her opinion is too, just like the rest of us want to be able to. Easy solution, if you don't like her, don't buy her music, switch to another channel when she is on the radio, and don't read articles about her on the internet, just to be able to comment on how much like Satan you think she is. You will spare yourself the anguish and bad feelings you have about her and spare the rest of us to have to listen or read your opinion.

  • chris.sham1 - 2012-06-29 14:23

    lady gaga is an artist. there are thousands of songs about death and despair but people pick on her. if you want to censor any artists opinion you are being fascist. people fought Hundreds of years for freedom of speech and people love to just give away their own rights. If you say anything about the royal family you dnt have class? really?

      boltonbarry - 2012-06-29 15:36

      Freedom of speech goes both ways. My freedom of speech means that I think her freedom of speech is disrespectful and disgusting. Lady Gagga has no class yes. SEE freedom of speech in action. Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee that that you wont be held accountable for what you say

      raath - 2012-06-29 17:06

      The day she does something really worth classifying as "art" then we can call her an artist. Right now she is just a meat-wearing mediocrity.

      chris.sham1 - 2012-06-29 23:13

      That is still your opinion of a person. If shes is not an artist she is still a person that has every right to express her opinion on any topic. Like you on this site. Because lady d is dead we must respect her because shes royal we must respect her? Every person has their right to express their views. Deal with it or don't listing to lady gaga listen to god save the queen or candle in the wind.

      jean.tredoux.5 - 2012-06-30 10:56

      So cos she's an 'artist' (pppffff) it gives her the full right and freedom to disrespect William and Harry, yeah it's not about Diana it is about those who doesn't want to hear about their mothers death in a song... It's clear that you are just an over obsessive fan.

      bashin.monyela - 2012-06-30 13:12

      You are an idiot

  • tina.leal.353 - 2012-06-29 15:58

    Brit just made bad life choices...Gaga make bad wardrobe choices... Brit we can see is a little crazy..Gaga and that meat dress..thats a diff kind of crazy- unfamiliar, undiagnosed and unrecognised crazy.

  • landi.coetzee.5 - 2012-06-29 16:53

    lady gaga, you are one sick woman! that is some1's Mom you crazy moron!! Have some respect!

  • Sige Gorabeb - 2012-06-29 17:29

    contraversy sells! Isn't it?

  • colette.naude - 2012-06-29 18:07

    There is no word in the dictionary that can describe such a trashy piece of dogs poop... but remember, the higher she climbes, the harder she will fall. Her songs are so full of crap, and yet her fans scream... are they deaf or what!!

  • Lindiwe Linds Ngubeni - 2012-06-30 06:56

    Gaga has gone Gaga

  • Pixie86 - 2012-07-01 16:39

    i'm officially no longer a gaga fan! This is just too low, even for her!

  • Iriai - 2012-07-03 19:32

    wow really? just because she decided to write a song about royalty, it makes her bad person.. if you dont like her music dont listen to it its simple.

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