Flabba's memorial service: As it happened

2015-03-11 11:35

Fans, family and friends are gathering at Bassline in Newtown to pay tribute to Skwatta Kamp rapper, Nkululeko Habedi aka Flabba.


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11 Mar 14:43

Flabba's funeral will be on Sunday. More details to follow.

11 Mar 14:41

11 Mar 14:37

11 Mar 14:30

Dr Smile, Alex on stage saying a prayer in Setswana.

11 Mar 14:28

Peter thanks everyone for attending the memorial.

11 Mar 14:27

A montage of Flabba's life plays.

11 Mar 14:24

Two more items on the programme - a montage and a closing prayer.

11 Mar 14:23

JR says they will still shoot the music video for the single.

11 Mar 14:21

Flabba's last single, Nayinkinga, being played.

11 Mar 14:20

JR talking about the plans he and Flabba had for his career this year.

11 Mar 14:15

11 Mar 14:13

Kwesta takes to the stage to perform one of the last songs Flabba featured on Do It Like I Do.

11 Mar 14:11

Bozza: 'Flabba had a beautiful heart.'

11 Mar 14:08

11 Mar 14:07

Bozza now talking about Flabba.

11 Mar 14:05

Slikour tells Flabba's daughter that everything will be okay and that Flabba just wanted them to be okay. They are all he really cared about.

11 Mar 14:03

Slikour: 'He is what a unique rapper is globally. There will never be another Flabba.'

11 Mar 14:02

Slikour: 'He never needed the industry, the industry needed him.'

11 Mar 14:01

Slikour: 'He was coming back but maybe he just saying goodbye. He was saying goodbye through his music.'

11 Mar 14:00

Slikour: 'Flabba was was so good he never had to work hard.'

11 Mar 13:59

Slikour now talking about Flabba.

11 Mar 13:59

Shuga: 'Too many stories, we will never finish if we start...'

11 Mar 13:54

Shuga: 'Flabba was one of the greatest.'

11 Mar 13:53

Shuga has the crowd laughing with funny stories about Flabba.

11 Mar 13:51

Shuga says Flabba's first stage name was 'Hound'.

11 Mar 13:51

Skwatta Kamp on stage.

11 Mar 13:48

Shugasmakx recites a Flabba lyric about Yvonne Chaka Chaka and recalls when they first met her.

11 Mar 13:46

Skwatta Kamp takes the stage.

11 Mar 13:44

11 Mar 13:43

A montage of Flabba being shown.

11 Mar 13:42

Peter says Skwatta Kamp will be on Channel O's Stripped Down this weekend.

11 Mar 13:41

Yvonne: 'He’s just gone to sleep, I am 30 years in the industry but I do respect young musicians. I want to say to government: give our children the support you give to 50 cent, that you will give to Jay Z when he comes.'

11 Mar 13:40

MC introduces himself as Peter Linch Skwatta Kamp's manager.

He recites Ecclesiastes 3.

11 Mar 13:38

Yvonne performs Summertime.

11 Mar 13:36

Yvonne takes the opportunity to tell the government to treat South African artists the same as international acts.

11 Mar 13:34

Amu: 'As hip hop we’ve been through a lot of struggles, and I am happy the media is here to see how much love we have and how much love we get from people. One thing about Nkuli, he represented Alex.'

11 Mar 13:33

Yvonne Chaka Chaka on stage now paying tribute.

11 Mar 13:32

Amu says Flabba would take a bullet for his friends.

11 Mar 13:30

Amu gets emotional during his tribute.

11 Mar 13:29

Ramesh: 'A person doesn't die they set like the sunset.'

11 Mar 13:28

Flabba had Ubuntu and he was real!

11 Mar 13:26

Ramesh: "If anyone has known him, you can’t mourn him, you can only celebrate his life. Every memory is indeed a happy memory."

11 Mar 13:25

Ramesh says after meeting Flabba he went to the studio to record a diss track.

11 Mar 13:23

Ramesh recalls how he and Flabba met.

He wanted to meet Flabba after hearing a track by Skwatta Kamp with the lyrics, 'Alex makes Hillbrow look like Disneyland'.

11 Mar 13:23

Friends Amu and Ramesh take to the stage to pay tribute.

11 Mar 13:21

MC asks the media to open up their ears today and to hear what is being said about Flabba.

11 Mar 13:17

MaxHoba asks the crowd to join in on the next song as he performs a popular hymn.

11 Mar 13:15

Fans remember Flabba through song.

Watch The Juice's video here.

11 Mar 13:14

Musical tribute by MaxHoba.

11 Mar 13:10

MC says Flabba was funny, he always had a joke and a smile and he talked a lot of smack.

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