Paris Hilton earns $1m for 2 days' work

2012-09-01 10:55
Los Angeles - Paris Hilton was paid $1m to star in a Korean pop music video.

The hotel heiress - who has herself released music in the past - shot a part in Malibu for Kim Jang Hoon, where she is seen in a bathing suit and heels and wondering around a beach in a flowing white gown in the two day shoot, for which she was paid the huge amount.

Kim's agency told X17Online: "We considered several Hollywood stars, such as Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton, for the role of lead actress in Kim's new music video. But a survey conducted in Korea showed that Paris Hilton was the most well-known, so we chose her."

Posting a picture of her with Kim, she wrote on Twitter earlier this week: "Love these pics of me & Kim Jang Hoon. Such a nice guy & funny too! Had a great time shooting with him! (sic)"

The video for the ballad, which has been shot in 3D, is to be released on 4 October.

Paris has recently ventured into new business areas, including her first men's fragrance, and she revealed she is keen to open her own hotel chain like her great-grandfather Conrad Hilton.

She said: "I'm always working on building my brand. Next I want to be able to do my own hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. And I want to get more into real estate, which is my family heritage."


  • maxinpains - 2012-09-01 21:04

    K-pop just stinks.

  • maxinpains - 2012-09-01 21:06

    Korea known as safe heaven for having road construction job for face... Plastic surgery...

  • fabian.houten - 2012-09-02 09:25

    Ears??? Quality control

  • ben.strydom.5 - 2012-09-03 01:26

    @news24, think you need to proof read your articles before u post them. Specially if the mistake is on the Heading!

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-21 13:21

    Quite an expensive prostitute.

  • nool.kop - 2012-09-21 14:07

    So what? It only takes my 30 years to make that and News24 never did an article on me!

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