Thai sailors spoof Psy's Gangnam Style

2012-09-28 22:15

Bangkok - The Gangnam Style craze has reached Thailand's navy, which is among the latest to mimic the globally popular dance video.

In a video posted to YouTube, a few dozen smiling sailors from the Third Naval Area Command perform the rodeo-style dance and other hip-shaking moves at their base on the popular tourist island of Phuket.

Lt Cmdr Patiroop Khemtis said that officers took three days to film and edit the video, instructing participants to mimic the moves in the original video by South Korean singer Psy. It was shown at the base's annual party and posted to YouTube the next day.

The video shows white-uniformed sailors in sunglasses galloping through their offices and officers in scuba gear shimmying up the beach.

The video has already reached more than 12 000 hits on YouTube.

Watch the video here:


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