The who, what and where of CTEMF 2015

2015-01-23 12:39

Cape Town - So you've seen the trending CTEMF hashtag and all the posters and scratched your head - probably wondering WTF is going on?

Let's be honest if you are over 22 you did that, while the youths jumped up in their masses running to the nearest free Wi-Fi spot to express their feelings in a meme (it's ok if you don't know what 90% of that meant).

You might be thinking that this is just another music event for other people to enjoy in Cape Town during a summer crammed full of music events and live acts.

But you'd be wrong. Don't worry though, we're here to help you figure out the who, the what and the where of the festival. We're going to tell you the entire line-up, what acts you should go see based on acts you might have heard on the radio or seen on MTV and then we'll tell you where to get tickets to CTEMF 2015.

What is the CTEMF?

It's the 3-day-long-Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. If Woodstock captured the 1960's then CTEMF captures the music culture of today.

Where can you get tickets for the CTEMF?

You can get day passes or full weekend pass tickets for the festival at or viagogo.

Where is the CTEMF happening?

Get this, it's happening at City Hall. We cannot wait!

Who's playing?

Here's the full line up for the festival:

Counterstrike - Hailing from Europe with a sound that cannot really be described in words as a feeling: you know when you have three cups of coffee and get so much work done you feel like there's smoke coming out of your ears? That's what their music sounds like. They're famous for putting on amazing shows too.

Sounds like: The end level music for a racing game. Hyper. But fun.

Lazersharkk - Coming right from the Mother City with enough drum and bass to make your speakers explode, are these experienced mixers. Expect a transportative sound that will make you dance, pretty fast.

Sounds like: Like this GIF looks:

Branko Lisboa - Portugal is where this global superstar calls home. His sound is more electric than most of his peers and will probably leave you feeling like you're being slowly cranked up to a pretty heady finish. There's definitely a reason he has had a residency on one of the biggest radio stations on the world.

Sounds like: An acid trip in the jungle.

Mr. Carmack - This progressive artist's laid back hip hop beats will leave you feeling so chilled that we'd forgive you for imagining yourself in his home of Honululu for a moment.

Sounds like: What would happen if The Weeknd and Woodkid made a record. Very laid back and cool, like:

P.H.fat - We've never made a secret of the face that we dig this duo's sound and their overall approach to putting on a show. It's different. You can hear their hits If he can't dance Feat. Jung Freud, burning up the radio right now hot on the heels of their last hit Lights Out also featuring the MVP of the underground (to us) Young Freud. Sounds like: They like dirty bass lines so they sound like the old N.E.R.D did but incorporate vocals that sound more like the Fugees so it's a pretty dope mix.

Sounds like: They'll have you feeling cool just for being there like:

Slugabed - According to Merriam and Webster a slugabed is: "a person who stays in bed after the usual or proper time to get up". But his sound is more like a happy electronic dance party soundtrack. Like fairies danced across a keyboard. If this is what London sounds like from bed, we'd happily hop into the sheets with him.

Sounds like: Well, if you like Woodkid then you'll like him. Actually anyone who's from Cape Town by birth will like him. Probably.

John Wizards - This is the biggest band in the rest of the world that you've never heard of. They've played at most of the big festivals like Glastonbury and have toured throughout the world but can't seem to crack the local market. Their sound is a mix of electronica, dance and tin guitars over bass lines that will get your foot tapping.

Sounds like: Well, we hate to channel our inner fan girl (just kidding that's our favourite thing to do) but they sound like nothing else on radio. If you're looking for a reason to come to this festival then John Wizards is it. They are the band the radio should be playing.

Fletcher - A local artist whose music sounds a lot like what going to Tiger Tiger on a Thursday night and getting absolutely trashed feels like. This is the type of set that you want to catch if you like to dance and go really crazy. You'll be able to feel the beat long after you've left the floor we think.

Sounds like: Somewhere between Martin Garrix of Animals fame and Steve Aoki of every-club-you've-ever-been-to fame.

Digital Rockit (Official) vs Killer Robot - According the organisers: "Between Digital Rockit and Killer Robot, the two crews have collectively elevated and expanded Techno amongst the collective consciousness." We reckon this will be what it sounds like when an immovable object (one trance crew) and an unstoppable force (another trance crew) meet. Expect to get really really hyped like you downed three red bulls chased with ritalin. This will not be for the faint of heart.

Sounds like: Welp. We'll have to wait and see. Excites.

DJ Spoko & Mujava - This duo is like a cocktail you've never heard of before knocking your socks off. There are house beats mixed with some 80's rockstar like synths like you've never heard before. This is the set for those of you who like to shake it to local sounds.

Sounds like: Well, they have a very strong house influence with some rock and pop so if you've ever listened to the radio before for about an hour and liked it, this is for you.

Munnibrotherz - We struggled a bit to describe this artist as he makes house like sounds and injects them with a more old school style of mixing and layering. We're into it, make no mistake. There are those among you who will remember what club music sounded like in the late nineties but for those who don't this artist sounds like: Massive Attack had a baby with Faithless.

Thor Rixon - Are you ready to get a little weird? We'll promise you'll like it or at least find something to write in the comments about it (we're talking to you salty music critics out there). This is an assortment of beats put together in what we think is a helluva sonically pleasing way. Repetitive and catchy but deliberately different. Like, Ariana Grande isn't likely to cover one of their songs, but that's a pretty great thing.

Sounds like: A lot like if your favourite rapper had a baby by accident with your favourite electro DJ and it turned out to be polar opposite twins.

Christian Tiger School - This is another band, who like John Wizards, have seemingly had an easier time getting noticed in England and America than in Mzansi. They're experimental for sure but have a very cool hip hop and house quality mixed in with electronic elements that is more like a tasting plate with lots of flavours than one thing.

Sounds like: Sometimes they sound Santigold, sometimes they sound like DJ Cleo, very hard to put your finger on but man are they worth the price of admission. Nothing like it. When they play we'll be like:

Jumping Back Slash - Trance and kwaito meet in this artist from Cape Town who has been acclaimed in London and South Africa alike. He's worked with the ever-innovative Spoek Mothambo. He makes good grimey sounds that progressive trance or techno fans would love.

Sounds like: If old kwaaito got a 2014 make over with a very dirty twist.

Watermark High - While this local artist comes from Gauteng you'd be forgiven for thinking that he's from the Mother City with music that wouldn't be out of place next to a beachfront with a cold drink in your hand. Definitely one for the more chilled among you.

Sounds like: He leans towards the ambient sounds of Moby with a tint of Air.

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