Tinie Tempah slept with a groupie while her mom waited outside

2013-10-25 21:00
Los Angeles - Tinie Tempah once had sex with a groupie while her mum waited outside the room.

The Pass Out rapper was shocked when a female fan's eager mother suggested she wait outside his dressing room while he got better acquainted with her daughter.

He confessed to Shortlist magazine: "Basically... this girl came to see a show with her mum. She was really nice. She and her mum hung around after the show, and the daughter was giving me 'the look'. I thought, 'You're lovely, but your mum's here.'

"We flirted and there was banter that hinted at it. And then the mum was like, 'Oh I don't mind, I'll wait!' So her mum just waited outside the dressing room. That was fucking weird."

'You can lose perspective'

Tinie was recently reported to have amassed an impressive collection of phone numbers during his mini-tour of universities to support his second album, Demonstration.

While he's having fun meeting attractive women, the singer doesn't consider them girlfriend material because he knows they're interested in him for the wrong reasons.

Tinie quipped: "Groupies can be very attractive, sociable; they've got the banter on lock and they really get into your psyche. After a while, if they're ticking all those boxes, you can lose perspective.

"But one bit of advice I was given: always remember the context in which you met them. If you meet them after a gig, they're talking to you for a reason."