Top 25 concert tours rake in $2.1bn

2011-12-29 20:05
Los Angeles - Irish rockers U2 were again the top touring band in the world in 2011, nearing their globe-topping haul from 2009, according to trade magazine Pollstar.

The band brought in $231.9m in 34 shows, narrowly beating out British boy band Take That, which took in $224m after reuniting with Robbie Williams.

Globally, the top 25 tours of 2011 reaped $2.1bn, about the same as last year.

But North American gross ticket sales from the top 25 tours took in $1.19bn, down about 4% from a year ago.

Pollstar Editor-in-Chief Gary Bongiovanni said concert promoter Live Nation's efforts to cut down on money-losing shows likely resulted in the decline.

Rise in 2012

He said he expects a rise in North American revenue next year as the Beach Boys celebrate their 50th anniversary. He said the Rolling Stones, also marking 50 years together, also are likely to hit the road, though there's been no official announcement.

Madonna is likely to tour to promote her first album in five years, set for release in March. And Justin Bieber, who rocked the world but not the US in 2011, may return to play gigs closer to his Canadian roots.

Adele, the British singer whose second album, 21, has been the top-seller this year, also is expected to draw big crowds in 2012 after undergoing throat surgery to correct a problem that led her to cancel many concerts.

"When she comes back, she'll be doing incredible business next year. There's obviously a lot of pent-up demand to see her," Bongiovanni said.