Top SA drummer has meltdown on social media Shia LaBeouf-style

2014-05-09 14:50
Alex Isaacs
Cape Town – Phillip Erasmus, ex-drummer of South African super group Die Heuwels Fantasties, is currently having a social media meltdown the likes of which Kanye would be jealous of.  All because he (supposedly) got kicked out of the band!

Erasmus, the musician/all around PR genius has piqued the interest of fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with one Jenson Blomquist e-mailing us in a frantic state about the muso’s social media takeover, begging us to investigate the reason why the "geldwolf" and the band are never-ever-ever-getting back together.

After contacting Die Heuwels Fantasies, bassist Hunter Kennedy told Channel24 the following: "We were on a flight until now, so we don’t really know what’s happening.
"Die Heuwels and Philip’s split has been looming for quite some time. Of course it’s never nice, but the three of us decided that our split with him is the only option for the band’s road ahead. Whatever’s happening here wasn’t discussed or planned. We love Phil very much, but we’re a bit worried about him at the moment. Maybe it’s just a last marketing stunt from his side?"

If it’s real it’s as rare and magical as an internet unicorn the likes of which we see only see once a year. If it’s fake…well at least the videos were fun.

Investigate for yourself in these videos where Erasmus claims that it’s all about the #Geldwolf :


  • Sithabile Kyle Mkhize - 2014-05-09 15:44

    hilarious i mean just epic

  • Peter Erasmus - 2014-05-09 20:09

    Phil is a bit warm under the collar, is all. Hardly what I would describe as a "meltdown".

  • arno.zacharias.1 - 2014-05-09 22:25

    Silly. Real silly

  • Cornell Serfontein - 2014-05-10 11:42

    I don't think its fair to say this guy is a "top SA drummer". Money doesn't make you a "top drummer". Drumming does.. Average SA drummer. Very average..

  • andre.naude.142 - 2014-05-11 13:17

    Lekker bitter

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