Trying to keep up with a Kardashian: Chasing Khloe at the MTV Awards

2014-06-09 10:44
Alex Isaacs

Durban – I was sent to cover the MTV Africa awards in Durban, South Africa from Friday, 6 June 2014 to Saturday, 7 June on what we dubbed: #alexslittleadventure.

The main focus of my trip was obviously to experience and capture the music video talents from all over Africa and America with artists like Davido, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Trey Songz performing.

However the story that took over the weekend was Khloe Kardashian’s presence to support her boyfriend/Instagram partner-in-crime French Montana. Turns out it's nearly impossible to get near Khloe unless you had some kind of dirty connection.

Exhibit A:

I’ll break down chasing the youngest Kardashian sister from pillar to post.

Friday, at the press conference:  As press conferences go this one seemed fairly standard if not a bit long. When it was about 30-minutes overtime, rapper French Montana hit the stage.

Sizwe the MC of the presser, who is from MTV, asked as he had throughout if anyone had questions for the performer and the first one from an English correspondent was: "I’m just going to jump right in. Will Khloe be attending tomorrow night?" French seemed a little taken aback and didn’t answer, deferring back to Sizwe who tried to move on to the next question but struggled because Khloe had entered through the back.

Khloe had walked in and gone directly to where the MTV film cameras were waiting to capture the after-party-of-sorts at the Absolut bar at the back of the room.

Everyone bombarded the reality star who was casually dressed in a pullover, boyfriend jeans and full camera ready make up. She then moved to an open seat that was the perfect spot for all media to get a shot of the ombre-haired beauty but her security guards told all media to stop taking pictures and filming. This obviously ruffled more than a few feathers because it was a press conference, the place where photos are meant to be taken. It’s the entire point.

A fellow journalist got kicked out for taking pictures of Khloe. I saw this, but knew that I had to get a shot, so I hobbled up the aisle casually on my crutch and sat down a few plastic chairs from Koko. Took an iPhone out and snapped shots of her, she made eye contact, she was visibly irate, but if she didn’t want me to document her being at this public event, she shouldn't have come to the press's natural habitat: the presser.

(Photos: MTV)

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  • Chase Cameron - 2014-06-09 10:59

    Why anyone would want to "keep up" with the Chewbacca of the Kartrashian Klan amazes me.

      Joe Soap - 2014-06-09 11:56

      these supporters or groupies walk around with spit hanging out their mouths... they look like Zombies, lol. totally agree Chase, this family thinks the sun shines out their a33s3, and thinking about it...... their rear-ends are so big, you would probably fit the sun up their.....

  • Neliswa Mlondolozi - 2014-06-09 12:19

    Just because media does not reject dirty kardashians that does not mean the wil bow down on you like you bow down on them good one Khloe Abazazi lababantu.

  • Gia Concetta - 2014-06-09 13:04

    Where do they get those big behinds?

  • Julian Booyens - 2014-06-09 13:27

    She must have been highly upset that there were only 2 photographers interested in taking her pics here, unlike the papparazzi who feed these people

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