We chat to local surf rockers Retro Dizzy about their new album and some other stuff

2015-09-14 14:50

Cape Town – Originally from Hermanus, surf rockers Retro Dizzy are now based in Cape Town and have recently released their second album, Creatures of the Black Desert.

The band, who consist of Stuart Dods (bass, backing vocals), Nicolaas Rossouw (drums) and Richard Liefeldt (vocals, electric guitar), describe themselves as "a surf rock band with slivers of psych. Swimming in reverb and distortion. Black magic".

We got to ask bassist Stuart a few questions. Check it out here:

Channel24: First off the bat, I have to ask, where does your name come from?

Stuart: Basically, Uncle Dizzy is a legend in our hometown of Hermanus, he skates around and just lives his life and we can't remember how we got on the Retro vibe but we like it and it's staying. We wanted to name our band after something we could relate to from Hermanus.

C24: Tell us a bit more about how the band got together and how long you guys have been playing together.

Stuart: We got together the summer before 2014, just skating and surfing and then we decided to start a band. Richard our lead singer and guitarist used to play in bands and we all liked the same kind of music so yeah it pretty much just started in a garage and went from there.

C24: Your album Creatures of the Black Desert is very alternative and fresh, and I can hear it being played at beach parties or house parties where everyone is just chilling and having a good time… Tell us a bit more about the album. What inspired the songs and how long did it take to put it all together?

Stuart: We left our small town of Hermanus, which was a desert in terms of music, and moved to Cape Town. At first we kind of felt very out of place, which has changed now, everyone has been super rad to us. But that feeling of not knowing anyone made us feel like creatures, so you could say we are the creatures of the black desert.

The songs are inspired by our own personal experiences, things we've gone through together. Being in a band can be a very different way of life and I guess the songs just represent that.

C24: Who writes the songs and who are your influences as a band?

Stuart: Richard writes the lyrics but all the music is done by the band. Our influences range from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Night Beats to Black Lips.

C24: What do you guys do when you’re not making music?

Stuart: I do art and Richard and Nicolaas, our drummer, try to survive.

C24: Where did music start for you guys, do you have any professional training?

Stuart: We've always had the love of music but no professional training. We've kind of learnt our instruments together through trial and error.

C24: What is the one thing no one knows about you?

Stuart: We used to be an all girl rock band.

C24: What is the worst or funniest thing that has ever happened while on stage?

Stuart: When our friend, Andre Vlok, introduced us naked at Assembly for a Yoh event. I don't even think he said Retro Dizzy.

C24: What’s next for Retro Dizzy?

Stuart: We heading on our 2nd great trek to JHB/PTA for a Bobbejaan event. And then we hitting Daisies this year playing Campsite Stage. And FACE OOZE.



Click here to buy Retro Dizzy's new album and like their Facebook page here to catch all the details on their next gig.

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