Web music sharing comes to SA

2011-09-22 22:35
Cape Town - Boom FM has opened its virtual doors, becoming one of the first major South African music discovery and sharing ventures in the vein of Spotify and Turntable.fm.

The service - based in Stellenbosch - boasts a number of options for users, according to Tech Central. But at its core is the basic function of allowing artists to provide music for inclusion and set up artist pages, and for users to share playlists, discover new music, and eventually to purchase.

The focus is almost purely SA-based up-and-coming music acts, and tracks are currently streamed at 64kbps, which according to founder Pete Matthaei helps with bandwidth costs and piracy issues.

Eventually users will be able to download their favourite tracks. The independent artist will pocket most of the money generated from these purchases.

The music is vetted and "approved" for inclusion on the site by a small team of content producers, and the brand intends to make itself known via presence on the local music scene. Matthaei told Tech Central: "We want to provide a platform for bands that are flying under the radar or otherwise getting swamped by big international acts."


  • wahwah - 2011-09-22 23:57

    Like any sane person would want to listen to local music. Teeeeerrible, all of it.

      SnakeMXIM - 2011-09-23 07:48

      Some are terrible but making a claim that all is terrible is ignorant at best. To make such a statement one has to have listened to every song produced in the country - I doubt you fit this bill.

  • Gary Niemandt - 2011-09-23 01:03

    You buy a song that will cost you say R5 then you get your credit card statement at the end of the month with a sale made at a clothing store worth R6000 and you are not the one who made the purchase!!! How many people do you know that this has happened to?

      SnakeMXIM - 2011-09-23 07:46


      AMS-Dammer - 2011-09-23 08:53

      Me neither.... Bt once I did have my Cr Card cloned... Bastards spent R169 000-00 on it... Bank did re-imburse me the whole lot!

      Point Blank - 2011-09-23 11:07

      Rubbish man, the purchases as done through secure https banking. I buy at least a thousand Rands worth of music a month online using my credit card. Sigh, stupid people every Friday...

  • Chive On - 2011-09-23 10:56

    and with the cost of data in this country, as well as the access to internet, will this be viable, i dont think so. So they want to use local music from up and commers, have they done research on the demographic that listens to the music, unfortunatly 85% probably do not have access to the internet, maybe they have it on their phone, or at the office,and will the employer allow streaming on their network. and once again if they use via their phone the data costs are huge. it is plane easier for people to pirate music, share memory cards etc. will this work, lets see.

      Chive On - 2011-09-23 10:59

      oops bad typin. i meant plain

  • Michelle Bianca - 2011-09-23 17:14

    These are the same people who set up the now failed boom.mobi which was a mobile blogging site. As soon as they stopped paying the bloggers to blog site's activity bombed. I don't think this venture is going to be much more successful honestly. Doubt that there are many people willing to pay for B-grade, crappy local music when they could be listening to high quality international songs instead.

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