A typical day in the life of Ard Matthews in pics

2016-02-24 05:00

Cape Town – We recently asked Just Jinjer frontman Ard Matthews to give us a glimpse into his daily life.

And while we were at it, we also popped some questions about Just Jinjer’s new album.

First check out Ard’s daily life in pics here:

1) Gymming...

2) Hiking...

3) Chilling...

4) Making music...

5) Gigging...

Check out our interview here:

Channel24: You guys dropped a new album, Everything Since Then, at the end of last year after quite a long break; why did you guys decide to make a new album and does this mean fans can look forward to more new material in future?

Ard: It was a long time coming. We knew we had to do another record if even if was just cos closure sakes. What we didn’t expect was that we’d have so much fun making it and how easily we would do it. It really was quite effortless and I think we all feel it is definitely something we could do more of in the future. In many ways we feel as though we’ve just begun!

Channel24: Who does most of the writing and what is the process? What do you write about?

Ard: I brought 6 originals to the table for this record. We co-wrote and recorded 5 more originals in 5 days and added the ‘Stand by You’ cover to make the 12 tracks. We usually write about life and love and the loss of either of them.

Channel24: One can’t mention the SA music scene without mentioning Just Jinjer… what do you think about the SA music scene and how does it compare to international standards?

Ard: The talent in SA is as good as anywhere in the world. We are currently lacking live venues for people to showcase and express themselves regularly enough for them to grow at the right speed. Then there is another obstacle we face which is in the form of a tiny market. Our world wide sales do not attribute to a tiny blip on the Billboard chart pie. This is very unfortunate but even more the reason why we need to nurture home grown talent so we can hopefully showcase to the rest of the world what our country is capable of!

Channel24: What’s next for you guys?

Ard: Well, we all have our own lives that have become really busy outside of Jinjer so we will endeavour to get together as much as we can to promote the new album and hopefully even start working on the next one.

Channel24: If you could collaborate with anyone in SA, who would it be?

Ard: Personally I’d love to do a vocal on a Black Coffee track some day.

For more info on the band like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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