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Al Bairre releases mini-LP and new music video!

2015-11-24 07:08

Cape Town - Monday marked the official release of the new mini-LP from Al Bairre, entitled Experience The Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre Experience.

"With this mini LP we wanted to create a formal invite for everyone in the whole wide world to experience The Al Bairre Show, with us Al Bairre. It’s a real experience."

The mini LP was written over a period of three years and also includes older Al Bairre songs were re-recorded to improve the quality to better the bands sound. The new tracks were written and recorded over the last year. The band recorded at Digital Forest Studios in Cape Town and the mini LP was produced by Francois de Klerk, who also played a major role in the recording process and mixing of the tracks.

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For The Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre Experience, the band took all their signature musical elements to the next level and the mini LP features large drums, more strings, more harmonies, dirty bass lines, stinky guitars and grooves that will make you twist your ankle in a good way.

"Recording our songs super nicely just wasn't very high on our list of things we were gonna do when we first started the band for some reason. But then people ended up really liking the songs so we thought we better pull our heads out our butts and go into a proper studio where you have couches and coffee and Xbox and a dog and all those fancy studio things and do it properly."

Buy Experience The Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre Experience on iTunes here!

Al Bairre also recently released a brand new single from the mini LP, entitled Let's Fall In Love Some More, and Monday also saw the release of the music video for the single.

"The song is about being in love with unhealthy relationships or emotional abuse."

Produced by Luke Nelson, directed by Nicholas Preen and with Tao Farren Hefer as cinematographer, the video was shot in a studio as well as a lot of different serene locations in and amongst beautiful Cape Town over the course of two days.

The band describes the video as a visually pleasing, aesthetic-based video making use of a lot of colour and personality which was the focus they wanted to bring forward and highlight.

Watch the video below:

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