Al Bairre’s devastating announcement has left us heartbroken

2017-02-21 12:36

Cape Town – It’s a very sad day indeed.

Our favourite band in the whole world has just announced that they are breaking up.

Insert very sad face. Like for realz.

In a lengthy post on their Facebook page on Tuesday, Al Bairre wrote a beautiful letter explaining why they have decided to call it quits.

"Over the last 5 years of ALventures (Al Bairre adventures), Al Bairre has introduced us to so many other things that we’re also passionate about and now curious to explore.

"Having achieved all the goals we set for ourselves over the last 5 years - we all feel like it’s the right time to try something new," reads the post.

See the full post here:

To celebrate their bright futures, and of course to mourn the band, we remember our fondest times with them below:

1) That one time when we had a Valentine’s date with Al Bairre...

Decorated with everything red, lots of chocolate, cake and presents, we got Nic, Kyle and Julia’s opinion on everything. Best. Day Ever. Maybe we can have a Valentine’s date reunion in about 10 years? Please?

2) That one time when we got to chill backstage with our besties at Rocking the Daisies…

During our time backstage, Al Bairre let us in on whether they would snog, marry or avoid Kim Kardashian. Watch the video below to find out:

3) That time when Al Bairre shared their favourite Christmas memories with us…

Their strangest Christmas gift ever? "We saw Santa’s balls once because he was up on a balcony ho-ho-ho-ing away with a split in his pants. He was wearing boxers so our Christmas stocking wasn’t the only sack we saw that night. I still can’t look at balls the same way."

4) That time when we lived vicariously through the band when they were on tour in Europe…

Yes, the band went to Europe. And yes, they went without us. But, they gave us this video which made us feel like Saturday mornings when Ninja Turtles were on KTV - happy and content. So it’s all good. Watch it below:

Here's to you guys Al Bairre... May you have all the success on your new journey! We will miss you.

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