'Cape Town' Josh Groban mesmerises with local talent

2016-04-14 10:55

Cape Town – I am almost too scared to admit it, but a girls night out (and not because I am a fan of his music) was what got me to Josh Groban’s concert last night at the Grand Arena in Cape Town.

Being familiar with the popular hits such as You Raise Me Up and February Song, I knew it was going to be a professional show, but boy oh boy oh boy, I did not expect to walk out so inspired by his show that I am now a fan who is writing this review out of sheer wonder of the awesomeness that is Josh. Josh has converted me; I am now officially a Grobanite? Grobaner? #Groban4life? #SomeHelpPlease?

So let me start at the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start...

When the the houselights go out, I get that familiar butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling I get with all shows. I love the anticipation of it all, imagining what the artist is feeling, the rush of doing a live show, and also of being an audience member, just everything! And in this case, it was all I could hope for and more.

Josh’s piano player takes his place behind a grand piano just moments before Josh takes centre stage. He sings his first words, the Grand Arena explodes into daylight and the curtain goes up to reveal a homely setting of glistening chandeliers dangling from the roof and photo frames hanging in the background. This feels like I’m sitting in my living room, well almost, as I don’t think the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra would fit into my living room, but one can dream hey?

From the get-go, I am mesmerised. And then, Josh speaks. He tells us about his show and that all of these songs are from his favourite musicals from when he was growing up and how they mean something to him. How he was a weird, nerdy boy who at 13 years old was forced to sing a song in front of his whole class in his soprano voice. How he nailed it, and how that moment changed his life forever... even the school bully came up to him and complimented him on his singing.

He tells us that he did some shopping in Green Market Square and that tonight may be his last show for a long time as he will be doing some shark cage diving tomorrow... He tells us how he just loves Cape Town and that if he ever had to have a wrestling name, it would be Josh 'Cape Town' Groban (said in that scary WWE voice).

He tells us how he received a YouTube link from someone and that it was a video of Eastern Cape born soprano Pumeza Matshikiza. Of how he decided then and there that she has to sing with him in SA even though she now lives in Germany. He tells us of his experiences when he moved to New York, of how Antonio Banderas' performance in Nine totally inspired him, because Antonio is totally the sexiest man ever...

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And somewhere in-between imagining having Josh over for a braai at my house, admiring his charismatic stage personality, listening to every perfect note and being in awe of all the local talent on stage, the show comes to an end too soon. Josh thanks the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cape Town Youth Choir... and "I want to say the Cape Town Josh Groban dammit!"

It's okay Josh, you are now officially Cape Town’s Josh Groban.

(Photo: Facebook/Big Concerts)

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