Chris Chameleon stars in alt-right lobby group AfriForum's new music video

2018-10-01 14:38
Chris Chameleon

Cape Town - Alt-right lobby group AfriForum has released an Afrikaans music video starring five local singers including former Boo! singer Chris Chameleon.

According to the group’s YouTube page the song is a musical composition of “Die Gelofte” - an oath that was written by Sarel Cilliers in 1838 before the Battle of Blood River. 

The battle was fought between the pioneers (voortrekkers) and Zulu warriors on the banks of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838. 

"The song is about the pioneers and their dependence on God in a time of despondency and uncertainty about the future," the description of the video reads. 

The video stars Adam Tas, Chris Chameleon, Ghapi, Juan Boucher and Christoph Kotze (known as Appel). 

Chameleon used to be lead vocalist of the "monki punk", cross-dressing local band Boo!. The band disbanded in 2004 and briefly reunited in 2010.

Today 16 December in South Africa is celebrated as Day of Reconciliation - commemorating the end of apartheid and promoting national unity.


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