Chris Martin: Rock is done

2015-12-12 12:00

Los Angeles - Chris Martin thinks rock music has run its course.

The Coldplay frontman doesn't feel his band's seventh studio LP A Head Full of Dreams fits the rock genre very easily as there are much more layers to the pop record and he doesn't think hardcore rock fans will ever be crazy about his music.

He explained: "We felt like rock music has been done. The future of music is in new sounds and new ways of treating vocals. We wanted to add these colours to our palette.

"No one would ever put us in a list of top 10 rock bands. We've maybe rocked out once, for 10 minutes.

"I don't think anyone would throw up the devil horns to any of our major works."

And his bandmate and bass player Guy Berryman agrees with Chris and feels like there is no future for the genre because it's all been done before.

Guy, 37, added: "There's an awful lot of rock music already out there. I'm not sure there is anything left to add."

Elsewhere, the Yellow hitmaker, 38, admitted he still gets struck by stage fright.

He told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "There is definitely a suspension of normality.

"The part of your personality you access to do a big concert is not the same part that's just walking down the street every day.

"You have to believe, 'This is my job, we are awesome'. And a couple of things can go wrong and freak you out, then you suddenly think, 'Oh shit, I'm just a boy from Devon, who the hell do I think I am?'"

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