CITY PRESS REVIEW: Loui Lvndn's sound is styled unlike any other

2017-07-30 08:00

Loui Lvndn: Your Princess Is In Another Castle

(R99.99 download on iTunes)

Unique and with a sound styled unlike any other, Joburg’s Loui Lvndn mixes 80s synth, pop, hip-hop and electronica, and channels Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Erasure and Pharrell Williams ... all on the same tape.

His awesome album title was inspired by playing Super Mario, and he uses Mario’s quest for the princess as a metaphor for the game of life – tackling obstacles and facing demons only to be told that “your princess is in another castle”.

On the album, he uses Super Mario-like sounds, and the production on this is incredibly good. He doesn’t resort to the trap drum kit as so many others are doing these days. I’m not usually a fan of artists who don’t have a defined genre and have instead made their own (who do you think you are?), but that’s just the old-school in me. This guy has put in enough work to successfully get away with this, as the sound is diverse, but firmly grounded in the fertile soil of real artistry.

He’s got the pop flavour with R&B lyrics and an indie approach, and the tape only gets better the more tracks you bump. In Search Party, he sounds like Kid Cudi, while Lami Langa has a crisp beat and The House is reminiscent of US hip-hop duo Run The Jewels’ work.

Lvndn writes, produces in partnership with artist Jumping Back Slash, sings and raps, and the album features collaborations with fellow electronica king Spoek Mathambo.

Don’t sleep on Loui Lvndn.

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